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Unfortunately, with some hardware, it tries to initialise the Atheros hardware and fails. You’ll want to read about MadWifi here: The solution is to force the authentication to restricted mode using iwpriv in addition to iwconfig. A lot of them actually use an architecture that’s been around for 27 years and has never gotten a GCC port: In this thread you will find the instructions for installing the madwifi drivers for Atheros wireless cards. Posted Sep 20, MadWifi developers move to ath5k [Posted September 20, by corbet].

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Enter WEP key iwconfig ath0 key Assembly is the only way to go, and arheros isn’t so bad. MadWifi developers move to ath5k Posted Sep 21, Just that they ruled the user shouldn’t be able to modify these settings. My case is indeed kind of special. The original author of MadWifi is Sam Leffler.

For this reason you possibly see more than one of these messages at a time. The ath5k driver has been available since kernel 2.

MadWifi developers move to ath5k

Clearly in any individual case this benefits nobody – it would be better to use the land rather than waste it. On some distributions the running kernel has madwfi name as the installed kernel source.


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The Atheros cards in particular have three methods of support: Well, a good assembler makes it as easy to write as C, it just isn’t portable. Look for the ath5k module, located in the package linux-backports-modules-intrepid.

Configuring your Atheros Wireless Card

Of course, a lot of this is to generate a cash cow, but of course it pretty much guarantees compliance and interoperability. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Symptoms amdwifi this include iwconfig showing the NIC associating and unassociating on a regular basis and not being able to send any traffic.

Unfortunately, MadWiFi currently does no auto-detect this, so it needs to be set up manually.

Get IP address dhclient ath0. Hardware … After building and installing madwifi modprobe doesn’t find the modules!

In which case the madwfi file of the madwifi driver must be looking in the wrong place for them. I am running atheroz on a Thinkpad x31 Atheros under Debian kernel and I kept getting the following error messages:. I copy bellow the results of dmesg grep ath Maybe I should talk to ath5k developers if I can find them All laptops have some capability to disable the radio via a RF “kill” switch generally on the front or side: I mean, someone is going to bring up this FUD where can you even ship a driver that has access to radio parameters You’ll want to read about MadWifi here: The development process was opened up, inviting other developers to join the effort of improving one of the most advanced To prevent this, the ath5k must be stopped from loading and the computer must be rebooted eww.


Maybe it’s C code. MadWifi developers move to madwiffi Posted Sep 27, Download in other formats: The gNewSense folks should be happy with this.

WifiDocs/Driver/Atheros – Community Help Wiki

Because of the proprietary HAL and since the MadWifi driver also did not make use of the new mac layer in Linux it has been impossible for it to become part of the Linux kernel.

It’s standard practice for vendors of new CPU architectures to work on a gcc port very early, and the gcc team is happy to cooperate with such efforts, and offer assistance or point people to qualified consultants who will do alterante port for pay. The same principle applies to Tivo.

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