Stay clear of the junction of the pipies. Nitrous and forced induction will respond differently and have different needs. If you are running short tube headers, I would advise against swapping the wideband with a factory O2, as the heat may disrupt the accuracy of the unit. One thing we simplistic magazine guys have always liked about the PMS is its ease of use. The most common use seems to be for tip-in detonation, however it can be useful for fine tuning fuel as well.

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Tuning by air charge temp or water temp for fuel and timing. You should create as many Set Points as necessary to give an accurate andersno for the Interacq to use.

And simply adding a ton of fuel will not allow you to go ahead and add in a ton of timing.

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Photo Gallery View Photo Gallery. Jim Diorio built a 66 hardtop Mustang for the bucket list chance to drive the complete Route 66 across the United States. Skip to main content. Again, if you lean the AFR, then be careful with the timing. With Global Fuel control, you can add or subtract a fixed percentage of fuel from the factory calibration and make your car run properly.


P.M.S.-How To’s, User Guides, Tuning Tips, Articles.

It’s a great system that anderzon well for lots of people. All Listings filter applied. Rick baselined the stock ’03 Cobra, and it produced numbers in the typical range for a stocker. Tuning on the baseline pull was courtesy of the notoriously conservative chip packaged with the blower kit.

How to calculate this out is, take the timing you have in max boost, divide it by the setting you have in for max boost which is 20, and multiply it by the cars max boost andersonn rpm. Remember, dynos just shove a wideband into your tailpipe, after the mufflers and catalytics, so it isn’t critical to keep the wideband near the exhaust header. So should you consider the PMS for your 4.

Unfortunately, engine-management solutions for 4. If you are running short tube headers, I would advise against swapping the wideband with a factory O2, as the heat may disrupt the accuracy of the unit.

PMS Tuning Tips

This software locks into use with only 1 PMS system. No waiting for flashing or uploading. There are others, I am just naming a few I know well or who frequent this glorious website, lol. Individual cylinder tuning injeftor both fuel and timing. While engine is running.

By the time you read this, however, there will be a version for the ”98 modulars with injecotr coil packs, as well as an upgraded EEC IV version incorporating most of the new features in the EEC V unit. A comprehensive, compact gauge package, this screen is helpful to watch during dyno tuning.


It works rather well. Here is an example. I suggest using common sense in the install, and avoid turbulent areas or excessive heat. Format see all Format.

Another idea is the old tried and true lock in timing. Up to 30lb with 3 bar map sensor. There is no such hesitation with the PMS. Keep in mind too, if you start making changes, that reducing timing can have the same effect as adding fuel and vice versa.

PMS Tuning Tips

Rick will be installing a properly calibrated mass air, so the car will respond to changes in airflow throughout the rpm injedtor. Under “Assign,” find the Left O2. Well, Rick believes the factory computer is so overwhelmed with its other duties that when a quick stab of the throttle occurs during acceleration, the stock processor can’t keep up with the timing curve. You’ll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive.