Plus it gives you all of the information about you system. If you don’t want it disabled permanently, you can turn it back on after our mobility tool has finished, but it won’t mod the drivers correctly with UAC ON. No, create an account now. All times are GMT Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

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Also, AMD had originally stated they would release a legacy driver whenever security issues were discovered, so we may get new drivers for legacy cards when they resolve their issues with ASLR.

With the modddd of Windows Vista, things have changed, our old mobility modder didn’t work correctly as many people on our forums reported, so we have created a new release mobilihy is specifically made for VISTA.

Some programs may not render textures correctly black line on borders. Ok, let x23000 have it, how do I use it?: Some current or future OpenGL programs may require this feature.

This may seem strange, however makers such ai Dell may have implemented their own support system and they do not want their customers downloading “reference” drivers from ATI’s home page.

Ediie mendez April 10, at 6: We can’t help stupidity! With your help we can make it better! Okay, I uninstalled using Driver Cleaner. Or at least ‘Netquaintances, guys and any gals that venture in this sub-forum! However, we all know in real life that this rarely makes a difference.


Win 7 Ultimate x Thanks for pointing that outthey are for: I have recently downloaded, from the Skyjacker Kickstartertheir Starship Disassembler program. Hopefully some of you coming to this page will already have used our older Mobility Modder for XP but for those of you who haven’t I guess it is time for a brief history lesson. The only way we are able to do this is through permission by a laptop manufacturer OEM to include their device in the Catalyst Mobility.

Why not just say they can use the mobility modder themselves to modify any drivers not just the ones you “modified”.

Frame buffer object support This feature enables render to texture functionality. Alot of times the manufacturer of these laptops will change the ID of the graphics card so that only drivers they release and test will work on the laptop.

I see that a lot of people has issues to find drivers for the ATI x and I was one of those person too. I don’t think the GLView was doing anything, just sitting on the summary page Similar Threads – Radeon Catalyst Modded.

Alright, I finally admit defeat; ATi Mobility X2300 driver and OpenGL

Stupid question, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the vanilla driver? HD Modded Driver of latest If you try to update the driver through windows, it will push it’s driver back on. I assume I need to manually uninstall, if your instructions are to be believed?


Plus it gives you all of the information about you system. The mod driver will not load even after installing unless, disable driver signature enforcement is turned off every time or I imagine by completely turning the signature feature off. My suggestion is you contact your manufacturer and ask them to have your laptop included in Catalyst Mobility.

Right now the only option is to keep emailing your OEM to request that they update their drivers on a regular basis.

The IT Hubb: ATI Radeon Mobility Modded Catalyst Driver For Upgrading OS Dump Solution

If those don’t work, you’ll need to find the 9. All times are GMT I didn’t see that you had already tried the I have also tried to force OpenGL upon the original Homeworld but it has never worked, and now I think back, this might have been a driver problem all along.

If windows loads without turning off device signature enforcement, you get: