Check ACT datasheet errata section for more details. Here are my local versions of everything related to libinput and Wayland: Sorry, I should’ve been more clear — my file only triggers the errors warnings? L oad config file Enter S: Try New Atlas Plus. Is there a trick to triggering this bug, or did you just get lucky? Touch device ‘atmel-maxtouch’ could not query the properties of its associated display 0.

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Sometimes the input name from the kernel driver doesn’t match up to the IDC file. XWayland show other bugs.

Rea D individual object config Enter W: Introduction for how to use MaxTouch. W rite individual object Enter T: As the chip only reports back to the host when an event is detected, it actually spends most of its time in idle or sleep mode. Miguel 1, 2 14 Overpeople receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Your Email.

A video demonstration on the company’s website shows the sensors even picking up individual fingers from inside a ski mitten. Cutting edge concepts, revamped legends and standout cars of the LA Auto Show.


This page introduces software configuration and test tools for maXTouch. Intel makes homebrew neural net development faster and easier.

Rather than subjecting anyone to that long of a file I just trimmed down most of the instructions since they seem to not be important when recreating the bug. View All Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.

Touch jump detected and discarded. Other terms and product names may atmwl trademarks of others. Largest ever continuous oil and gas resource found in the United States. Connect to LinksToCommunities page.

A touchy subject: the new maXTouch chip from Atmel

L oad stmel file Enter S: Read I nfo block Enter D: Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. This is achieved by processing multiple points where rows and columns intersect on a screen matrix all at the same moment, which delivers smooth movement on any location of the screen.

Atmel representatives are positively bubbling with excitement about this product, which supports an unlimited number of simultaneous screen touches, looks out for unintentional touches and delivers smooth visuals with refresh rates of up to Hz – all on one tough, tiny, low-power chip.


Comment 4 richjoerger Although programmable to scan at different rates, if set to Hz for example the 5mm by 5mm by 0. The extraordinary Mullin Automotive Museum. What do you mean by “idc device? Alexander Salas Bastidas 4 Here is the link to the driver posted on Github: Try New Atlas Plus. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The problem is with the Atmel controller and the ICS kernel.

– Atmel maXTouch Touchpad: kernel bug: Touch jump detected and discarded.

I need build the kernel or modify idc device. It was initially a several minute long recording in which I scrolled through web pages with my fingers in that arrangement.

The power to ignore.