Sign in Already have an account? Correction to previous post: My hotel wireless shows 54 Mbs, my aircard kbs yet I dont see a difference in loading times of web sites, I dont do down loads with the netbook. There are 2 different wireless technologies involved with aircards – those USB antennas. The MCT can also convert into a reflective light unit simply by moving the light guide from the base into the vertical illuminator tube. By rooster59 Started 5 hours ago. By frodo77 Started 8 hours ago.

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I guess it is Costs Baht for Chinese made brand, up to Baht for Solomon brand. If you sign up for Hutch you can be online only in the 25 central provinces controlled by Hutch. Police arrest illegal immigrant suspected in California officer’s killing. The Edg MCT is an incident and transmitted light measuring microscope with erect image binocular head.

Hutch data system does not work in CM and Korat and many other places. Register a new account.


Axen Edge Air Card Price: That means internet in CNX is generally slow, correct? By rooster59 Started 8 hours ago.

SocketException No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it xxx. So basically it is OK now, but could be awkward to keep using in onwards. DO NOT buy that card.

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Microscope Articulating desktop stands. Sign In Sign Up. Anyway I wouldn’t buy an expensive one and the price for many is coming down every week. Esge Lite Digital Microscope Thailand. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

I read all this and I confess as a pure user of my Acer one netbook I understand little. All MT Series models offer a Senarmont compensator as an optional accessory?????????? Think I saw a sponsor saying: Hutch data system does not work in CM and Korat aexn many other places Be careful which one you choose.

Transmitted 50 watt illumination with Senarmont compensator. In that case that is probably the error, SMSProxy tries to detect the highest baudrate a pity it isn’t currently loggedthus it is not guaranteed to be By bbi1 Started Thursday at Bangkok turns into ghost town for the holidays. By rooster59 Started 7 hours ago.


Thank you for any help and suggestions. Home About us Contact us Service Sitemap. The price and even quality differs quite a lot and I’m not really familar with that products. What does it mean? First you need to know which system you’ll use and which has a good service in the area you’ll mostly use it.

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What edgr Thai ghosts like? The error message you post above, means there is no server at that port in the other end. Metal Sample Preparation Machines.