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Guess the “Enable older network device API compatibility” kernel option and custom compilation is no longer needed Yes, no custom kernel compilation is needed: I was simply having troubles with installing the older driver for injection. Still looking at other options. Thanks I dunno what to say really I initially intended to support rt2x00 itself, however due to real life constraints, I am no longer doing much development, only maintenance. I tried several times but they all fail at this point:

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Not sure what the problem is. That’s why you needed to install the tool “IW” needed for stacks-mac interface management To understand the differences, see mac versus backteack stacks http: Add a profile for it, which should show up in Profiles tab, and choose that to connect to your AP with that profile dont rembember exactly the steps, as I’m not at my laptop right now Screenshots: You can search the ubuntu forums for the Jaunty 9.

In case anyone else wants to remove it: It should’ve been installed automatically, but By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Unable build rtko after upgrade to – Page 2

Though the interface has now been renamed to ralan, ugh. Archived from the original on Can you copy the code with the changes?

I was quite pleased with rt73usb’s injection performance! Got the RT 73 driver installed with jasmineaura’s description. However, Backtracm have found the connection to be very unstable with rt73usb.

rt73 driver on BackTrack 3

This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat Please visit this backhrack to clear all LQ-related cookies. The guide also helps you build and install the module with DKMS http: The thing is, that I have made my rt73USB injects in previous versions of ubuntu, but not in newer ones.

The following packages have unmet dependencies: I saw the older API missing from the kernel config and tested the rt73usb which injected right out of the box. D Anyway, this can happen a lot of times with a lot of cards with several wifi drivers.

After this I searched the BT support forum for help and found a post advising me to locate something called kernel. This indicates that it should not be built.


RT73usb chipset on bt5

Thanks for the help though Broken packages sudo aptitude update All Good, Then i tried sudo aptitude install dkms Reading package lists I bakctrack kinda old school and have no faith in out-of-the-box injection so i never even tried it. Nothing I try can get rid of them. However, the new mode works for me quite well.

But as these later kernels provide me with no obvious benefits, I continue to boot 2. I follow all steps and get stuck at: Click Here to backteack this Complete Guide absolutely free. See this thread http: You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. Can you possibly patch rt73usb to inject?

Cannot load rt73 driver with 2.