SCSI and RAID Devices


Send us your request. In multiple camera systems, this ability represents a significant cost reduction. Trigger cable RJ45 10pin open- 5. Nikon F-Mount Adapter for b, k, and f Cameras. Our practical tools help you find the right camera, interface or accessories for your application.

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Trigger cable RJ45 10pin with resistors 1.

They are a major force in the “analog goes digital” trend. Monochrome 1″ CCD, x pixels, Digital bit output, 32fps. The AFC color cameras feature various modes of color coding for maximum flexibility in color representation.

Monochrome Pixels, Tripod mount for A series, aluminium. We recommend the racer family as replacement. This IR transmission frequently results in incorrect colors in the captured images. It lets you optimize your image capture timing by monitoring the current camera settings and calculating the earliest moment each exposure bbasler begin.

It supports plug-and-play and there is no need for a frame grabber. Colour cameras separate between R redG greenand B blue. Some bsaler our off the shelf cables: Each bit represents a segment of the sensor and indicates to an attached imaging device that a defect has been found.


Basler A601fc/A602fc CCTV camera with up to 100 frames per second

Cameras in this family can capture up to frames per second at VGA resolution, the fastest speed basper with a FireWire-a interface. V-Mount Adapter for RS cameras.

F-Mount has a distance of C-Mount Adapter for RS cameras. Tripod Mounts We offer a selection of adapter plates used to mount tripods to our cameras.

Basler Afc/Afc CCTV camera Specifications | Basler CCTV camera –

Find here your local Basler representative and contact details. The ‘last time shipment’ opportunity for cameras is thus approx. Nikon F-Mount Adapter for b, k, and f Cameras.

Our list of accessories includes: Please add at least one product to send a quote request. Compatible Frame Grabbers Camera Interfacing. Monochrome Pixels, 40MHz, 9. By using the Trigger Ready signal, you can easily operate at the maximum frame rate allowed with the current camera settings. Many of the cables are available off the shelf and all are EMC proven for industrial conditions. For this reason we maintain a certain stock of replacement parts for discontinued products, with the goal of offering technical a601cc and repairs for cameras up to three years after the ‘last time buy’ deadline.


But to get an even quicker response, you can use a “software trigger” to start grabbing a single image exactly when it is needed by your application. Colour 1″ CCD, x pixels, Digital bit output, 35fps. Camera Link Cable Trigger cable RJ45 10pin – open – 1. C-Mount has a flange focal distance of Power Supplies We offer the right power supplies to fit the requirements of Basler cameras. Nevertheless, Basler-VC can provide several basller of cables in a variety of lengths to connect Basler cameras to the most common Frame Grabbers.

Freely programmable area of interest AOItrigger ready, look up tables programmablelossless compression, and many other included in the Smart Features Framework SFF.

Tripod mount for A series, plastics.