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I did get to try the scratch controllers on the Behringer gear at NAMM, and they did feel reasonably good to me for a basic, rotating plastic controller; in my opinion, better than the Hercules device in both build quality and response. Next post DIY Day: Furthermore I found in several forums that you have to update the driver firmware of the BCD to the latest driver version. Now for the fix: Please read our Privacy Policy.

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I am looking everywhere for mapping for my American Audio Radius ‘s?

Behrinyer drivers install easily and without excess baggage. Posted Sun 21 Feb 10 4: After awhile it went off and was working fine. Posted Wed 10 Jun 09 6: Hope this helps anyone who has had similar issues.

Click on that, then give a few buttons a press on the BCD – you should see some messages pop up. Or like vcd2000 And of course forget to ever use the volume sliders Now for the fix: What are you waiting for?

Thanks Posted Wed 10 Jun 09 What can I do this to work finally. I used the BCD on a weekly basis at the club running video and knock on wood it hasnt failed me. The BCD is a piece of crap and it’s drivers are the worst you can find. One possible issue for gamers: To make things worse the whole console just froze up.


Cheap, Functional, Quirky: BCD2000 Mix & Scratch MIDI Controller Review, Part I

Prageethcooray Home user Member since Hi, I have a behringer bcd and just yesterday the ‘clip’ near the mic controls light was bcd2000 and there was no out put. I think I may have found it. My guess is anyone serious will skip over this application for tools like Live and Traktor, of course.

We can all get along.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – I got my Behringer BCD working on Mac VirtualDJ 🙂

Support staff Member since Nobody will upload the mapper anywhere. I use one in my TCV setup. Although on another hehringer Posted Mon 13 Dec 10 4: Furthermore I found in several forums that you have to update the driver firmware of the BCD to the latest driver version.

Next post DIY Day: Under ‘Sources’ you should see a checkbox with the name BCD If not, get mapping or wait for Part 2 of this article. How you can use the BCD with no problems at all.?


I am using VDJ 6. I ve been told that it’s possible to disable one of the two processor. Please do not ask our users to illegally share add-ons with you again.

On the second line of the file, you’ll see this towards the end: Because All of you a trying to use the BCD as a midi controller and soundcard, there are some things that you need to know We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience is coming from.

Posted Mon 08 Jun 09 Posted Tue 09 Jun 09 If you post your E-mail address again you will be banned.