This may be so, but be careful if your amplifier is prone to microphonics as most of the early 6SN7’s are more microphonic than the later versions. This is very dry humour. There will be more soon. Definitely softer, more rounded, duller. I have several Valvo’s and a few Mullard’s in stock at present.

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5692 Red Base

In my Linestage, in my set-up, the Sylvania has the very best tone of them all. Rumor has it that the metal base versions are even better but that is stupid money The Mullards are wrongly marked as 6SG7. December 24, – The 6en7 one will give you more detailed mids and a more open sound in general along with an airy top but is a tad bass-shy.

The is still a 6zn7 good tube but I like the older 6su7gty better. These vary quite a bit depending upon when the were made.

There are the best cheaper alternative, bwst can be picked up for a bargain. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Jan 22, at Some of them 66sn7 a short enough bottle to fit in HP4 similar tubes were made with both short and tall bottles. Scott Frankland the F in MFA has written that they chose the because of its longevity 10, hours!!! I believe there may be constructional differences, but I’m not that gest versed. There was almost no “house sound” that I could pin down for any other brand I can think of.


Looking for 6SN7 tube rolling recommendations…

But they’re not for sale. They are Sylvania tubes. Special Deals Here are some recent purchases I’ve made that I will have on special as long as 6sj7 is good quantity on hand.

I saw that post on another forum also.

Top 5 6SN7’s | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Rolling 6SN7s can get expensive, especially if you need a quad. They just dont have the depth or detail. These are shaped more like a standard 6SN7. Mar 31, at 2: Not as exciting as the Sylvanias, but also less tendency to sound etched. These are GREAT for really clear voice and have good detail a little better than bbest tubes abovesmooth and flowing good jazz style tubes but the clarity, the focus just isnt like the first three.

Legendary tube with the red base. I had a great deal of fun rolling them.

These were a military low noise tube made and screened by tung sol that have round plates, black glass, brown bases and are specially matched between the dual triode sections. I literally have hundreds of tubes, which I have to eat because, I couldn’t make 4 of a kind!


Great bandwidth with gorgeous midrange. He has good description and his tubes are pretty good.

Toob Madness Or The 6SN7 Zoo by Raymond Chowkwanyun

These have triangular shaped plates bes are black in color. Creamy mids but not the most detailed, and a good but not extended high-end.

I got a black glass tube for 99 cents- the auction was for a closed box listed as 6SL7. If, you put a 6SN7-GT the previous generation in a weak power supply, they can toast it, which is why they came out with the “GTB”‘s in the first place. Jan 5 – 6n7