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Post as a guest Name. DB2 Driver connection issues [ message is a reply to message ]. This may be easier to debug as you can actually attach a debugger than from within BIRT. Sign up using Facebook. Ben Jonathan Halper wrote: Questions to the BIRT team: Here’s a trace from my.

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Cannot get the decimal value from column: BIRT viewer throws following error. The DB2 stored procedures that are required for the DB2 metadata retrieval are in place. Ben, I bkrt found a solution to the driver issues.

Eclipse Community Forums: BIRT ยป DB2 Driver connection issues

Wed, 02 August Eclipse Community Forums Forum Search: Sign up using Facebook. Report message to a moderator. How do I use the Report Engine bundled in a war, not ‘installed’ separately on the system?

SQL statement does not return a ResultSet object. Here’s a trace from my. Biry up or log in Sign up using Google.

BIRT and DB2

I would try executing the simplest SQL statement you can and build up from there to try to see what is causing the problem. After restarting Eclipse, I could select the drivers from the dropdown when setting up the data source. For the universal driver, test connections succeed, but when I try to create a dataset using the data source, within the query builder I only see the top-level database icon, without the underlying tables bd2 the tree.


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Ben Jonathan Halper wrote: Any troubleshooting ideas would be appreciated. Log to Console of ReportDesinger in Preview mode?

Sign up to our Newsletter A fresh new issue delivered monthly. He could see I successfully connected, and a flurry of requests for metadata came through, which had a successful return status 0.

DB2 Driver connection issues [ message is a reply to hirt ]. This may be easier to debug as you can actually attach a debugger than from within BIRT.

Perhaps your query to retrieve the data. We use this same driver all the time to execute SQL, we just don’t use it today to retrieve metadata.

Configuring data sources for BIRT

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However, for some reports it doesn’t make sense to have the development overhead of creating a DAO, DTO beans, and scripting glue logic, when all the data could be pulled straight from the database. So far I’ve tried both the Universal com. Tue, 25 July I have successfully connected to DB2 database using db2jcc. When i create a dataset and preview it.