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What the hack, the government claim to spend RM on it and this is what we got? Whether you download any update or not, it will not affect the hardware. You reminded me about this.. More info at SKMM website. Under the netbook — some stickers here and there.

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Is it pro or home? This netbook was distributed along with the presence of news media. I just want to ask and I guess i will change the HDD.

Please, what country does this product ship from? Hi, I have a problem with my net book. How to recovery this netbook.

1 Malaysia Netbook – 11 | John Diew | Flickr

Sound quality just acceptable. More info at SKMM website. I get a very weak wireless signal Check to make sure you have connected the included wireless antenna onto the back of your PC. Check the spec of the netbook. If we talk about the heat-age, this netbook generate a lot of heat, so you unable to take it in hand during 1malaydia.


Hello friends,How to apply,1 Malaysia netbook. Buy it at Shop At City. MrJohn Hai How to webcam facebook.

Then netbook is introduced as a light weight, low power and wallet friendly laptop which focuses on web-based activities. We remove these during transit. Why the laptop is shutting down at random?

Hence, most of the PC makers out there stop introducing new netbook models. Since universal adapter with various head cannot fit to it. Hi, out of curiousity, where can I get one? I might not be helpful in this matter. It hang whenever i connect to wifi. To learn more about Windows visit the Windows website at: Thanks for your attention.

Metbook the USB port is not fuctioning, Looks like there is insufficient current supply, using mouse is ok but not pen drive or DVD player. I wonder why cant restart if i use the 2GB.

What is Problem to Webcam? How to stop Windows 10 laptop entering sleep mode?


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Package Contents English Manual: Yes, it is given out by government via the Nftbook 1Malaysia programme. The netbook — the back cover is printed with a humongous 1 Malaysia logo at the center and Great Wall logo at the corner. Aexis Netbook -model number: Traditional notebook or convertible 2-in-1 laptop: Can this notebook support it? What is the stock OS?

Please refer to this post: The label says windows 7.