As a leading IoT company, Bosch offers innovative solutions for smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility, and connected manufacturing. Unlike conventional open-loop controlled injection, the control unit and high-pressure injectors constitute a closed loop in this setup. Gasoline port fuel injection The gasoline port fuel injection is the most popular drive system for gasoline engines worldwide. One decade later, this figure was 22 percent. Explore more Mobility Solutions. This is because scavenging improves the intake of fresh air, and a greater volume of hotter exhaust gas is delivered to the turbocharger’s turbine. The fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber by high-pressure injectors.

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The economical consumption and low emissions of gasoline direct injection are due to the precise metering, preparation, and distribution of air and fuel for each individual combustion cycle. At the 65th International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Bosch is showcasing technical solutions for connected mobility. The Mobility Solutions business sector pursues a vision of mobility that is accident-free.

In gasoline port-fuel injection, the air-fuel mix jnjector created outside the combustion chamber, in the injection manifold. Local contacts, in the Bosch sales offices or as a resident engineer at the manufacturer’s facility, provide close customer support on an end-to-end basis.

Gasoline direct injection

During a cold start, for example, system pressure increases to 6 bar. Advanced port fuel injection: As a result of increasing motorized mobility worldwide, coupled with the desire for lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions, gasoline direct injection is still regarded as a key technology with huge potential. Bosch is the world’s largest manufacturer of injectors, supplying some 70 automakers worldwide with its systems. Trade fairs and events Exchange ideas with our experts on site. This provides for higher engine compression and, in turn, increased efficiency, which helps reduce fuel consumption and increase torque.


This website uses cookies inuector reasons of functionality, comfort, and statistics. Using this system, therefore, drivers can reduce fuel costs while experiencing greater driving enjoyment at the same time.

Since then, the supplier has manufactured more than 1. Motronic control unit for CNG systems The electronic engine control unit is the central control unit and the heart of the engine management. Thus, the control unit can calculate the actual injection quantities of each injector and make adjustments where necessary. Hence, CVO offers an innovative and cost-effective approach to engine optimization.

Future legislation aimed at reducing exhaust particulates places new challenges on internal combustion engines. Fuel consumption can boscn reduced by 2 percent in this way.

Bosch applies the drive technology individually and exactly to the respective customer’s requirements and operates its gd test centers around the tdi to conduct joint testing with automakers. The control unit detects the triggering signal for the high-pressure injectors across the entire injection process and determines the timing for opening and closing the valve needles. In markets such as Brazil, China, and the Asean countries, port-fuel injection is still on the rise, as vehicle numbers show.


Two fuel injection systems in one: A relatively smaller engine displacement is sufficient to release the same amount of energy as a larger comparable engine without downsizing.

Gasoline injection systems – Bosch Media Service

Boost pressure sensor with temperatur sensor. With a constant cylinder volume, the air-fuel mixture has more energy. Still looking for something? For its customers, the outcome is integrated mobility solutions.

Precise media pressure measurement for gasoline direct injection, natural gas and hydraulic systems. Additional information is available online at www. In the case of gasoline direct injection the high-pressure circuit is fed via the high-pressure pump, which supplies the fuel pressure in the fuel rail at the required high level of up to injectod. The injection valves are selected in such a way that the engine’s fuel requirements are covered at all times — also under full load and at high speeds.

Gasoline injection systems

The reason for this unusual partnership is: In addition, advanced port fuel injection advanced PFI can improve torque and engine performance. Refresh your browser now, or try again later. In this way, Bosch helps automakers to reduce the cost of development and testing, get products ready for production earlier and thus reduce costs.

Port fuel injection ijnector