We do have a switched network, so what I am gathering from your post is that running a sniffer won’t really even read passwords on its own subnet, which is how I thought it would work. You have a trillion packets. Because the new kernel wifi architecture allows multiple virtual interfaces vif to share of physical interface wiphy it is essential to ensure that any other vif’s sharing a wiphy with your monitor vif do not retune the radio to a different channel or initiate a scan. If it does not match, then you are not running the patched module. It’s a broadcom netxtreme 57xx card. Intel Centrino adapters You might have some success capturing non-data frames in promiscuous mode with at least some Centrino interfaces. Newer Linux kernels support the mac framework for

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The easiest way to turn manually turn monitor mode on or off for an interface is with the airmon-ng script in aircrack-ng ; your distribution may already have a package for aircrack-ng.

CaptureSetup/WLAN – The Wireshark Wiki

Here is an example. B43 supports the fragmentation attack, and it’s much more stable than bcm43xx.

Remember to reload the kernel driver or reboot your system before trying to inject packets. What evidence do you have that the user is sniffing passwords?

Start looking under keyboards On Windows, putting Be the first one to answer this question!



For example, if you wish to channel hop between the IEEE If you are capturing traffic to troubleshoot a wireless connectivity problem, or to analyze traffic for a single AP or station, it’s best to capture on a single, fixed channel. Aireplay tries to write a packet, the driver wants a free DMA slot for that and can’t because the DMA slots were all taken the driver blocks all dma requests then.

You can enter “monitor mode” via Wireshark or WlanHelper. However, it may be desirable to perform channel hopping initially as part of your analysis to idenitfy all the networks within range of your wireless card, and then select the channel that is most appropriate for analysis.

Setting up promiscuous mode

Therefore, in order to capture all traffic that the adapter can receive, the adapter must be put into “monitor mode”, sometimes called “rfmon mode”. Git R Dun – Ty A tribe is wanted. On some platforms, you can request that If that checkbox is not displayed, or if the -I command-line option isn’t supported, you will have to put the interface into monitor mode yourself, if bdoadcom possible.

If it is not an It will give you the fully qualified file name.

WLAN (IEEE 802.11) capture setup

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I’ll try to compile the mod without DMA and see what happens asap. MAC Addresses The Then See this FAQ entry. XXX – is this the case?


You may have to perform operating-system-dependent and adapter-type-dependent operations to enable monitor mode; information on how to do so is given below. It’s an easy conclusion to come to but the user would need to be quite sophisticated to do it on a non-switched network, not a genius – but smarter than your average user. Since the frequency range brodacom unlicensed varies in each country some places may not have 14 channels.

The frequency range of a channel partially overlaps with the next mkde, so the channels are therefore not independent. Channels 1, 6 and 11 have no overlap with each other; those three are the unofficial “standard” for wireless channel independence. This would require your user being able to sniff the hash off a switched network, recognize the hash within the packet capture and then decrypt the hash to reveal the original password – a task which could take months or years.

Confirm you are running the new module. This page is deprecated, updated documentation can be found here.

Setting up promiscuous mode. Promiscuous mode is, in theory, possible on many