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The start-up time is very quick indeed. Gear of the Year – Barney’s choice: While the preset settings are generally good, for those that can bother, setting the manual white balance will yield better results. The nice, classy appearance will certainly influence the consumers in a positive way. Recommended related news article Ricoh Caplio R1 review Ricoh Caplio R1 specification Ricoh Caplio R1 introduction Ricoh digital cameras When purchasing a memory card it is advisable to really watch the speed of the memory cards.

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Ricoh Caplio R1 Digital Camera Review Control

Some disadvantages are the high noise values using the high ISO settings. Against It’s not csplio looker! The nice, classy appearance will certainly influence the consumers in a positive way.

A stylish design means nothing without functionality. Ricoh Caplio R1 digital camera review: Operating the Caplio R1 really is a piece of cake. With a new sensor, better autofocus system and more streamlined design, the X line The start-up time is very quick indeed. Don’t show this again. Images are stored in JPEG format, with two compression choices available – Normal ccaplio Fine, but there is no shortcut to this setting.

The Wacom Intuos Pro is a workflow-boosting machine.

Ricoh Caplio RZ1 and Ricoh Caplio R1

Colour capture is superb and control of image noise in low light is commendable up to around ISO Let your camera control the scene. They have little in the way of tactile feedback, so it can be a little difficult to know if you’ve successfully pressed a button.


Furthermore, with a shooting interval of 0. When you stop pressing the button, the last few images will be stored in a cluster and managed in about 2 seconds. Ricoh Caplio R1 – Impressive features The Ricoh Caplio R1 became available recently and the expectation is that he will be welcomed warmly and positively by the consumers. The surprising ease with which she was able to share her photos across platforms using Google Photos makes it her pick. The lens cover looks funky as it zips Paul Daniels-like in and out of view, but like Paul Daniels, it was also the source of some frustration.

Ricoh Caplio R1

The handy Step Zoom function can be activated through the menu. The OK button is in the centre of the control pad, so you shouldn’t press it unintentionally. Various models and different types of concepts have passed in revue. Pressing the button 4x the added mode will be available. When the camera is set to the Capilo mode, again we meet the main menus, Shooting Settings now consists of one division and the Setup of three.


This compact interchangeable-lens model is a great step-up from APS-C models, as long All in all it is comprehensive and logically divided. The Caplio RZ1 offers all these and many other features at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Our Verdict A competent performer with a great zoom range, macro and good image quality. Using one of its three high-speed continuous shooting modes, you can also capture up to 16 images on a single file. Why we haven’t taken a stance on in-body stabilization vs OIS – and why that has changed. If Ricoh sees the oppportunities for a camera like the R1 but then fully equipped with settings like Aperture and Shutter Priority or even a hot shoe for an external flash, I can picture a very attractive digital camera in front of my eyes, perfect for us, photographers!

The speed at which the camera lets itself operate is excellent.

Fujifilm’s 4K video cameras. It is a true discovery to experience the speed of the world’s fastest shutter response time. Canon patent details schematics for a possible RF 90mm F2.