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The RB-x30 devices are the third and, as of the time this article was written, latest generation of response boxes from Cedrus. Inquisit uses this protocol to automatically i. Fill out the user survey to give us feedback and have input on new features. Thanks a lot for your help! Mike Blank

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The RB-x20 devices are the second generation of response boxes from Cedrus.

Cedrus Response Pad RB844

When you buy an RB, the following items are included: These response boxes support only the “RB Series” communication mode. Inquisit uses this protocol to automatically i. JavaScript seem to be disabled in ersponse browser. If the dipswitches are in different positions, unplug the response box, return them all to the down position, then plug it back in.

To discover the button values, download and run the response pad sample from our Cedrus page. It is ideally suited for experiments involving spatial orientation as is the RB model or where it would be helpful if the participants used large keys. The RB-x30 devices are the third responsr, as of the time this article was written, latest generation of response boxes from Cedrus. Expand the Ports node on the tree, right click on the COM port that your response box is plugged into, and select the Properties command.


When you say that the extension has been registered successfully, are you saying that the Extension Manager in Presentation lists the extension in the “Registered Extensions” list?

The presentation software we are using is version 18, running on windows 7. Since you are not logged in, please enter the text below.

Cedrus RB Response Pad

The RB features the largest buttons of any response pad on the market. If you haven’t already, plug your device into the serial port of you computer. The dipswitches on the back of the response box control, among other things, the baudrate that the device uses to signal the serial port. The extension has been registered successfully cedrs we have rebooted. Cedrus response pads can be used with Inquisit on both Windows and Mac platforms.

I downloaded the drivers etc, but when i re-enumerate the list of devices, it doesn’t see the response pad. Kristin Geraci Cedrus Response Pad RB If you have been unable to get Inquisit to recognize button responsd at all, verify the dipswitches on your device are pax to XID mode. Instructions for that are on the following page of the documentation: This will open the window pictured below, which allows you to configure the port.

Once you know the values, you can update your script to treat these cwdrus as valid or correct responses:. Dedrus you’d like to access advanced properties of the response pad such as the response time as measured by the onboard timer or the id, port, or action of the last-pressed button, you can define an xid element as follows:. Windows 7 recognizes it. These and the Lumina response pads use a communication protocol called XID that defines a pax of commands for sending and retrieving data to and from the device.


All the improvements are based on customer feedback. When the box is shipped, all four switches on the device are down by default, which corresponds to a baud rate of see the image below. Fail Recognitions of response pads cedrus. We ahve tried already the registering of the extension.

Cedrus Response Pad RB-840

We’ve found ourselves having to do this on occassion. If Inquisit suddenly stops responding to button presses, try unplugging your device and then plugging it back in. Good thing, it worked. You will also need to configure your script to handle the specific numeric values returned by the buttons on the device.

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