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Now that the last original Celebrity Jeopardy cast member was leaving the show, it was only appropriate for Norm MacDonald to return as Reynolds as well, and the three originals got plenty of hilarious support from Kristen Wiig as drunk Kathie Lee Gifford and Tom Hanks playing super-stupid Tom Hanks. Connery is not yet up to cruising speed, but he’s getting there. I had not spoken to Eddie or BrettRatner. Vulture May 21, It was about the hope of one man, Alex Trebek, the hope that never died. This last one was definitely my favorite with Connery. The magazine had listed all sat members and raked them, best to worst.

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Celebrate Alex Trebek’s Birthday With The Worst Impressions From SNL’s ‘Jeopardy!’

It was to be Lorne Michaels. The contestants, who often appear either unaware of what the game is or uninterested in playing it, will either ramble incoherently, deliver irrelevant monologues, or openly jeopaddy the host.

Eddie Murphy is the coolest, a rockstar even in a room with actual rockstars. We see Eddie from yards away.

The Complete History of SNL’s ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’

Macdonald was hosting during this episode, playing Reynolds for the first time not as a cast member. What to Read Next. But, in all fairness, it was not the magazine who did the ranking. And the idea was that Cosby would be mixing a drink in a video that was taped 6 months ago. Such an iconic part of the show. MacDonald is as obnoxious as ever, and Ferrell’s slow burn is getting faster. I don’t think I ever watched the skits in chronological order. Hard to believe there’s only 14 of these.


By now the sketch found a consistent format: Every time I laughed in this one, it was at Trebek. Another great part of these sketches is when Connery purposely confuses a category with something offensive.

Sabra Price is Right. Now what I do is really a bastardization of who he is, because it just seems funnier to me and it?

Then I was told it was to have a lot of impressions, 10 or 12, so a lot of big stars could be seen impersonating other big stars. Man, it’s hard to believe these things are almost 15 years old now.

Connery is not yet up to cruising speed, but he’s getting there.

The hand of security. In some occasions, Connery appears to have sympathy for Trebek until the wager reveal, which happens to be a rude drawing at Trebek’s expense. The third sketch’s Keaton is great his “I’m Batman” thing isn’t perfect, but the more neurotic bits were a fun caricature of his comedic workbut Hammond’s Travolta is a little drier, but he seems to be the most aware of the game of the characters this time around albeit that doesn’t give him any edge when he wagers “zero”.


Watching all of these. Yahoo, thanks again for encouraging illegal behavior. The real Alex Trebek made a cameo appearance.

Stash: SNL Celebrity Jeopardy – Sean Connery, Minnie Driver, Jeff Goldblum

On rare occasions, contestants respond correctly to Final Jeopardy! David is a golddblum kind man, but his remark was not. It was a rhythm piece, as each disaster was signaled by the sound of a buzzer, and each new category signified more, new, hope.

The category would be potent potables, a common one on Jeopardy, but one we somehow had never done. My son and I look at each other. Ferrell has a field day: Macdonald shared an in-depth behind-the-scenes recap of how this sketch came together on Twitter, which you can read in full below:.

Molly Shannon

Hammond’s Travolta was not a good impression, but he got some decent jokes. Mollie Tibbetts’s mom has taken holdblum a year-old undocumented immigrant. Amy Poehler and the “Rick” sketches.

So, the talks were underway.