Normal Recording mode, Recycle recording mode, program recording mode. Sony dru s firmware riplock, vguard vg4c xp v driver, gforce firmware. Hardware type watchdog function. Snapshot at recording, monitoring, remote access and playback. Most truthfully and real time information. Can vary the brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue of the images. Please check whether your VGA card support 32 color bit.

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When the high sensitivity had been selected, even when there was no movement of the screen, the saved file is still very large. Hard disk space availability. Standard 2 channels audio in RCA jack 3. Snapshot does not have auto-circulate function.

Please note that Splashtop application is remote control vg8c-rrt4 and it can take over all the control authorities of the Chateau program on chsteau PC site. Please note that this account and password must as the same as the upper step 4 which PC site set then can work correctly. The most stability of the working system. Please check whether the function is ticked 2.

Chateau Vg8c-rt4 Driver – israelinstruction

A maximum of 4 cameras can be playback each time. Snapshot can be print with date, time, taken place, and camera name.


Vguard Vg8c Xp Tv Driver: Direct printing of the clip. Please check whether the driver for the Vguard board is installed successfully. Please check whether your Windows is fully installed. Standard 4 channels video in BNC jack. Please check the driver for v8gc-rt4 VGA card is up to date. The signal did not fully received due to the slow connecting speed.

When installing driver ChateauX, the messages When this message comes up, click the browse button and select D: Please check whether the Motion detection is setup. Provide controllable e-map to locate the camera. Please see whether you had make changes to the preset file setting, so the system cannot find the files for circulate recording. This dhateau shows the Hard disk space availability.

The system supervisor can set authorization to have more safety ness to your computer. Will record the alarm activate time,and to chose the recorded time and playback image directly.

After a long term testing and the uses of other users, this had in procession of the most stability in both software and hardware.


Vguard DVR Card (VG8C-RT4)

When remote controlling the Speed Dome, The Speed Press the direction control panel under remote control. GetRight v2 1 by c4a download no cd patch edimax wlan driver windows Vguard Vg8c Xp Tv Driver is a small software program that makes it easy to keep all your notes organized in one easily accessible place.

Please check your dpi setting. Snapshot at recording, monitoring, remote access and playback. Please check whether the configuration of your chateai fits the 3.

If yes, you will be under monitoring condition until the detection area detects motions.

Why I can not activate sound recording function. After finishing installation, please apply an account and password account is an e-mail address.

Search by alarm triggered mode or alarm mode. The size of the file for the highest the image quality is about 4 times more than the default files.