Device Manager One installation is complete, you will have a new entry in the Window’s Device Manager. Windows now discovers the ports associated with the Device Master controller we just installed. Excess packet retransmissions detected. Code upload was restarted after a timeout. When you see this dialog for the first serial port:

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Click the Have Disk The COM assignments will also be display here. Click Continue Anyway to bypass the Windows warning. The DeviceMaster will be available shortly.

Comtrol DeviceMaster NS-Link User Manual | Page 74 / 88 | Original mode

Find the multi-serial port adaptors section and open the sub-tree. Can’t detect the device with specified the MAC address on any network. Check the network connections comtro verify that the DeviceMaster is powered up. Device is active and OK, no data traffic was exchanged since last inquiry. Excess packet retransmissions detected. Click Next and allow Windows to search.


Network traffic is being received, but not from a DeviceMaster. Excess out-of-sequence packets received. Installing the serial ports. Click Printers and Other Hardware.

Finally you may see the completed screen but likely, it will be covered with lnik screen for installing the actual serial ports. Click OK to continue. Device is active and OK.

Once Windows finishes searching, acknowledge the Device Master has been comtrok and click Next. Click the No, not this time button and click Next.

Check the socketserver version, Check – Comtrol DeviceMaster NS-Link User Manual

The DeviceMaster and ports are operational. You will see your new adaptor listed here. Check Ethernet connectors and ensure the device is powered sn. Don’t worry, you will get good at clicking all the buttons. The DeviceMaster is okay and ready to use. This should complete momentarily. There is currently no active serial traffic.

Waiting for a response from the DeviceMaster. A MAC address has not yet been specified for this device. Download the latest drivers for the Comtrol Device Master here. Windows will now discover the second port and the process repeats for all the serial ports. Check the Include this location in the search and Browse for the C: Check for indications of high network traffic. DeviceMaster Driver User Guide: The server has acquired the DeviceMaster and is downloading the control program. Waiting on response from the device before making the connection active.