These messages indicate the sheet cassette internal tray is empty, is the incorrect size, or is not installed. The values of these features are only used by the PostScript interpreter. Load Env value 6. Appendix A contains a map of the control panel key menus and a glossary-style description of each feature and value. Page Table Aā€”10 Cont. Appendix D lists various types of paper recommended for the DEClaser printer available from Digital.

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Lcit Wiring Diagram 6. If you need additional fonts, they can easily be downloaded into printer memory, to an optional hard disk, or accessed from available font cartridges.

BAT changes have been made, reboot the computer to effect the change.

Use a suitable tool to pry up the rear of the transport guide plate to disengage it from the HVPSA contact plate. Turn the paper selection dial to the loaded paper size. Figure 1ā€”3 shows the parts at the back of the printer rear cover shown open. Remove the envelope feeder by lifting it up slightly and then out from the printer. The drivers for the MS Windows and Macintosh dfclaser that were provided with your printer include entries in their dialog boxes to enable Page protect.

The print engine operational modes are described Section 2. Calling for Service If you cannot correct a problem with the DEClaser printer or the operator panel instructs you to call Customer Services, the printer requires servicing by a Customer Services engineer.


This message indicates that the sheet LCIT cassette is empty, is the incorrect size, or is not installed. Assembly, Optional Hard Disk Drive 9. Determining Memory Requirements Memory beyond the amounts required for page protection is assigned to other uses in the printer declaseg as font storage.


You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Troubleshooting Postscript Errors When a font cartridge is installed, the fonts appear on the PostScript and PCL Font Lists and can be accessed by your application software as quickly as the built-in fonts. Decoaser the cover to disengage the hinges and remove the right side cover. It combines state-of-the-art printing features with unsurpassed reliability to provide you with years of trouble-free printing.

This can cause paper jams, misfeeding, and other printer performance problems. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures. Power off the printer and disconnect the power cord Eā€”14 Options Electrophotographic using laser beam scanning Resolution: Gently pull the jammed paper from the fusing unit.

Wiggle the board to disconnect the connector. Support tray Provides support for long envelopes.

Digital Equipment DEClaser 5100 Service Manual

The dc control board cannot recognize the type of 55100 font cartridge only the presence or absence of a cartridge. Did this solve your problem? A Macintosh printer driver is supplied with the DEClaser printer. Overall Key Menu Map 3. Unplug the 6-pin J connector 8.


The surface temperature of the upper fusing unit roller is measured by thermistor TH1 and adjusted by the DC control board. The tray has a maximum capacity of sheets. What application were you using?

Page 2 First Printing, January Digital Equipment Corporation makes no representations that the use of its products in the manner described in this publication will not infringe on existing or future patent rights, nor do the descriptions contained in this publication imply the granting of licenses to make, use, declasr sell equipment or software in accordance with the description.

This report contains all the information to show that the Ethernet board is working properly and is communicating with the host system. Table 1ā€”6 describes the cassette components. Rear paper guide Holds the paper stack in good feeding position and controls stack alignment.