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When I insert the Aironet card I see: Please post back if Grampy can help you further. When I upgrade to 9. Dear Chilli or do you prefer Grampy? They both worked fine on 8. My wife uses her Ubuntu computer every day and doesn’t even know where the terminal is! Wireless Interface physical id:

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The interesting thing is however that the card is in some ways recognized by the system.

Dell Inspiron 5000/5000e Parts List

May I suggest, since we are trying to get the Cisco going, that del, concentrate our efforts on it? I suggest you set the router to no security, detach the ethernet cable, if any and click the Network Manager icon and see if you see your network. Triggering scanning is a privileged operation root only and normal users can only read left-over scan results.

Click it and try to connect. Did something change between 9.

IPv6 with address fe I have been attempting this from the start, even my post before last said exactly that. If it is the card I believe it is, it is supposed to work with the driver module airo. What does this tell us?

I have tried multiple methods to get the card to see the SSID here but it just wont play ball – despite appearing tantalizingly close to doing so So, if there was additional information to what I wrote in the first post regarding getting this card going could you please hit me with those questions and I will reply as soon as I can with the results. It seems to run quite acceptably on the Thinkpad, but again there is no wireless connection available.


Dell Inspiron /e Parts List

Withdrawing workstation service for wifi0. Ubuntu 10 looks very sweet and I’m eager to give my poor and elderly friend a Christmas present which allows him to be on the net at last. Wireless Interface physical id: My Ubuntu 8 with my ndiswrapped Netgear card can connect to that, but I have not tried with the ndis system since going to This leads me to believe that I am somehow on the cusp of getting this going but some small thing stands between me and operation.

Well, I am a great-grandfather, so maybe I’m the best candidate to help you! IPv6 no longer relevant for mDNS.

This has been fine as my ‘guest’ laptop at home for some time. The Netgear or the Cisco?

They both worked fine on 8. I believe that eth0 is the internal wired lan card. I tried all weekend reading posts such as this http: Does the little icon spin? Failed to disable WPA in the driver. Some of these old PCMCIA cards don’t support WPA because either the firmware just can’t be bent to do so, or they’re so old that the manufacturer is out of business or hasn’t or won’t update the firmware because they’de rather sell you a new card!


I saw your question about WPA2.

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I will be answering on one of my two Thinkpads! You might or might not also get some clues with: I did as I said a clean install of Hi chilli I suggest you set the router to no security, detach the ethernet cable, if any and click the Network Manager icon and see if you see your network.

Interestingly iwlist scan returns: Loopback Interface lo Ethernet Interface eth0 Ethernet Interface eth1 Unknown Interface wifi0 both eth1 and wifi0 indicate information and statistics in the interface, and eth1 is State: Someone abandoned the Cisco pcmcia card.