Finally, the upper right side of the notebook seems to become substantially warmer than the rest of the unit over extended use, although based on my experiences the D has still been generally cool enough to be used on my lap. I also had the 6-cell battery and when timed I got almost exactly 3-hours of usage when having the screen brightness set to half and wi-fi on. Moreover, while the D offered standard Intel Pentium M processors operating at up to 2. Compared to the ThinkPad X60s ultraportable that adopted a 2. As a machine designed for business use, the D provides only a single speaker in the upper left corner that provides expectedly underwhelming sound with poor overall clarity.

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Build, internet connectivity options, reliability, security all combine to trump performance. In terms of viewing angles they are generally reasonable, although vertical vvideo are noticeably more finicky and sometimes subject to the dreaded color inversion problem.

Super Pi screenshot notice CPU speed was set to the max of 1. Which means it has gone through various testing requirements as set by Dell. Having used the Dell Latitude D for some time now, my impressions have mostly been overwhelmingly positive.

Right side view of ports on the D Keyboard and touchpad view view large image. While a Core Duo 1. Although certain aspects such as the slow RPM hard drive, lack of internal optical drive, and merely satisfactory screen have proven less-than ideal, these are acceptable sacrifices in the pursuit of the best portability possible. Latitude D lid view view large image.

The bulk of the ports are situated in the rear of the unit, which is convenient when having many devices hooked up when using the system on a desk. Functioning not only as a wireless hardware switch, the Wi-Fi Catcher can also be pushed in another direction to detect Wi-Fi networks in the area using a color-based indicator LED.


When given the opportunity for an upgrade, my next purchase was heavily influenced by this oppressive experience with the DV This is definitely an acceptable amount for a battery that is flush with the notebook.

Compared to previous notebooks I have handled including the HP DV, the D feels far more robust, rigid, and solid.

Dell Latitude D420 Review (pics, specs)

Once again, this is a compromise for portability that must be accepted by those who have an ultra-portable in mind. Compared to the DV this is a definite improvement, and with the brightness reduced, very respectable away-from-the-desk usage times are certainly within reason.

The brightness on the Samsung screen vidso fantastic though, from reports in the NotebookReview. For me the back right side got hot to the point of being uncomfortable in the lap. Finally, I initially encountered an issue with the PC speaker that would result in an irritatingly loud beep being played when first connecting to Wi-Fi networks or receiving emails; this could only be corrected by disabling the hidden Beep device in the System Control Panel for anyone who encounters the same issue.

Still, expectations for functionality beyond these types of applications must be held within reasonable constraints.

The Eell comes standard with a I agree that build wise the D is a vixeo winner. Performance will likely be the key point of controversy for those considering the purchase of a D In addition, the pointer stick can be tapped to perform a click for improved productivity, and the touchpad can be set up with both vertical and horizontal scrolling options if so desired.

The steel screen hinges provide firm movement, and the magnesium-alloy casing provides resilient protection while avoiding unnecessary creaking. The particular panel used in this D was manufactured by AU Optronics, although Samsung and possibly other manufacturers are also known to provide screens.


Personally I found the location of most every port on the back of the D slightly annoying. In air-conditioned rooms the fan almost never comes on at all unless performing CPU-intensive work over extended periods of time. Battery The battery on the Dell D has a built-in chage indicator view large image The D can be equipped with a 4-cell, 6-cell, or 9-cell battery.

Dell Latitude D Specs – CNET

Minimal light leakage found on the D AU Optronics screen view large image The particular panel used in this D was manufactured by AU Optronics, although Samsung and videk other manufacturers are also known to provide screens. I like the D keyboard, pointing stick and touchpad a lot. As with David, the back right side tended to get much warmer than the rest of the laptop. The battery on the Dell D has a built-in chage indicator view large image. In hotter environments, I have noticed that the fan come on more frequently, although the noise is still only moderate even when the fan ramps up to higher speeds.

Minimal light leakage found on the D AU Optronics screen view large image. d4200

Showing no signs of flex and providing solid travel with minimal noise, the D has proven to have the best keyboard I have ever had the pleasure of using.