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This is a nice feature for if you decide to upgrade to the optional Blu-Ray optical disc drive at a future date. That way it could still be energy efficient and maintain the ability to be a graphical powerhouse. At this point the power button also changes from an amber light to white. This icon only appears if there is a disc in the slot-loading drive. You could get one there for pretty cheap. Based on this comparison, it should be obvious that the Dell system fails the specs-for-the-dollar test. In fact, the only place it would seem out of place is an office, simply because it looks so great.

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If the Dell’s on-paper specifications fall short of the desktop market standard, its performance was actually a bit surprising, in more hybrir than one. In that vein, Dell did include a system-recycling kit, so you can send your old computer to Dell to recycle for you.

Each icon offers a drop-down menu, with related groups of software like email and chat, music, videos, security, etc. Best Desktops for Thu Mar 12, 7: When compared to standard desktops, the Dell Studio Hybrid is not a very powerful computer. Until recently, Dell was known for its value-centric, unassuming desgins. Visit our network of sites: Dell did design a new wireless keyboard and mouse set for the new line. Our model of the Dell Studio Hybrid came with the standard low-end wired keyboard and mouse.


Despite this, we ran temperature checks both at idle and under load, and unsurprisingly, the system ran a little hot.

Dell Studio Hybrid Desktop Review

You can even reconfigure the stand to support the system horizontally. With that being said, the Hybrid is hybfid lot smaller, and a lot more energy efficient than the majority of desktops and despite its shortcomings, felt snappy and responsive.

The small form factor Mac Mini costs less than ever, but isn’t as flexible as other Macs. It also sudio in seventy-five percent less by weight printed materials, which is nice when you consider that most of those end up thrown out and in landfills anyway.

Cinebench Longer hybrd indicate better performance. At idle, the system only consumed between 27 and 30 Watts of electricity. Visit manufacturer site for details. However, if you limit yourself to the very specific niche of small PCs, you’ll appreciate this system’s clever design and its relatively powerful hardware.

Fri Mar 13, 5: ZT Affinity Xi dfll, Read any review of the hybrid or even pre-release preview. Its third-place finish on our iTunes test is heartening, considering that you might actually use this system for music encoding.

Dell Studio Hybrid g PC Desktop – Customized | eBay

I already have a MacBook so I’m not looking for another portable. In this photo, you can see how the vertical stand transforms into the horizontal stand. I don’t see the option on the build new page either.


For what it’s worth, the Still, we imagine that for some of you, the Studio Hybrid’s unique design holds plenty of appeal. On the front, across from the optical disc slot is the SD card reader.

The Studio Hybrid is small. External, USB-based, networking is an option, but I’d rather buy another computer than a Studio Hybrid with an external card. Two raised metal prongs lock gently into spaces on the computer; this means that the shells can only be used in one direction. It manages to give the computer a streamlined look without having anything stand out.

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The benchmarking looks a little underwhelming, with the Studio Hybrid performing similarly to a lower-end standard desktop. And if your goal is either space-saving or using this system as wirelrss media PC, we’d instead point you to a similarly priced laptop, which has an integrated display, will perform most of the same functions, and is also portable.

PCMark05 overall system performance comparison results higher scores mean better performance: Sat Mar 14, 6: