I would choose earthmate any day. There should be no pin 9 on the female side of this connector bridge! Using these values will allow a faster “time to first fix”. The works just fine with very little set up needed. Since the Tripmate itself puts out the “ASTRAL” string repeatedly when it is inactive, another solution has been to rewire the serial connector so that this string is routed back to the receiver to wake it up.

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The page offering the fix long gone was off of the “other” software tab and provided a list of the fixes that included a “Year ” item that fries me a bit after a series of tech support calls to them clearly id’ing this issue as being in their app but receiving only rebuffs from earthmae.

Seeing as I don’t know what information this sentence provides, it seems like a good thing to send to reduce the amount of data sent. First, as far as Delorme is concerned, the Tripmate no longer exists I do have a spare XP laptop with the Delorme map that I use occasionally, so I’ll place the Earthmate in it’s bag. We do not offer any technical service as far as requirements, etc The electronic half has a weatherproof seal that allows you to completely remove the battery half and with two ?

If your computer does not have a serial port, you can use a usb serial “dongle” and, while the ezrthmate will require usb drivers, serial devices such as the Tripmate do not.

I can confirm the Delorme Serial Emulator won’t work. I wish to use an old Earthmate Model V 1. My viewer program only uses the RMC command so Earthmzte turn the rest of them off. So I was just wondering, do you bring your laptop on the roadtrip with you and use it in your car? This is the default for this sentence.


FREE: Delorme EarthMate 9538 GPS Navigation USB Receiver Laptop

But there are still a huge number of these units out in the world, and if you can find one for cheap, grab it, as, in my experience, it is a good, accurate NMEA compatible GPS receiver which can be a very inexpensive way to start learning about the GPS system using Delorme GPS mapping software.

The item may be missing the earthmare packaging such as the original box or bag or tags or in the original packaging xelorme not sealed. Prepare the USB Cable and connect it. I am also running the Win XP mode under Win 7.

I earrthmate this to Navigate with Street Atlas software and it works great. Do you want FREE stuff like this? If you are really a serious minimalist as I am, take a pair of strong scissors or metal shears and cut the anchor holes off of the metal DB-9 housing.

This also dispells those rumors that the TripMate hardware unit itself was delorem Y2K compliant. We bought it to replace the globesat GPS that continued to fail. To create your own adapter, get a matching pair one male, one female of DB-9 connectors and remove pin 9 from the female connector. Is there a cost to use gps 95338 or is it all on cd’s. The following information was recovered, with great difficulty, after the original link and page disappeared from the web, so I can’t give credit for it as I would wish.


Do you have an available USB port on your laptop? Only the USB 5 volt output will be accessed.

DeLORME Earthmate USB GPS Model 9538 v1.0

The LT was nice because it was small, got its power from the port, was more durable, and got a very rapid fix compared to g;s others. Javascript must be enabled to use Listia. Green and White wires are not used. Unfortunately, that helper program is not available for Windows 7.

Delorme’s Tripmate GPS Receiver

Erthmate it requires a 3rd party driver in order to work. The unit has only been used a handful of times and is in excellent condition. If you haunt electronic supply houses, find one earthmaate these connectors with pins designed to fit into a pc board rather than wire cups on the back and they will fit together perfectly to join with solder. I would suggest, unless you want to buy a Delorme navigation software product, that you abandon the Earthmate. The picture above shows one of my Tripmates mounted to a flat piece of aluminum which is attached to the stoplight on the top of the cab of my trusty Ranger pickup truck.

Mar 22nd, at 2: If you know the source, please email me so tps I can post the credit or switch to a valid link.