The GPS should now be listed in Ports. May be the problem is there? Configuration, waypoints, airspace, track download. May be I do some thing wrong? The Device Manager should refresh and Other Devices will show a serial device with a yellow exclamation mark until the driver is reloaded for the GPS.

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Hyper Documentation and Support. However, support and service is still offered by Naviter. Right click it and choose properties. Try running the installer as an administrator. Flytec Alti-Windwatch Read More.

Drivers for USB to Serial Adapter Prolific and FTDI

Check the box that says remove the driver and click OK. I had installed the driver as administrator and when Seral plug my BR I got a message that it is not working??? May be the problem is there???? May be I do some thing wrong? All current instruments will be supported, warranties will remain valid and repairs will be handled as usual. Flytec Windwatch Pro Read More.


Flytec AV Read More. I found the problem I have Windows set not to notify me about installs and ran the. Naviter acquired the Flytec brand in Flytec Windwatch Read More. Naviter adds Flytec varios to their current range and guarantees their further availability.

Flytec Sensbox Documentation and Support. When I check it I saw that it is on Port Com Flytec Repair Centres now also repair Naviter varios, and vice versa, Naviter offers a repair service for current Flytec varios. Let us know how it went.

Flytec Alto Documentation and Support. Flytec DF Read More. Plug the device in, go to Device Manager and right click the device in Ports. Also, Win7 should have asked if you wanted to run it anyway. Someone know where to find a new driver?

Deluo Electronics Serial to USB Free Driver Download

When the driver is finished installing Device Manager will refresh. It’s working Thanks for your help I had not re-installed it since a tp install of Win7 two nights ago. Leave Device Manager running so you can see what is happening.


What are you using to determine it is not working? Same for Info, it is not working It shows up as Prolific Serial-to-Comm port Com 3.

The Device Manager should refresh and Other Devices will show a serial device with a yellow exclamation mark until the driver ddluo reloaded for the GPS. Flytec Speed Documentation and Support. Its’ a old one