I gave out some for Christmas and people were amazed at the quality of the titles on the DVD’s. Rated 1 out of 5 by Val from Pretty disappointed in the Discpainter I have had good luck since purchasing the discpainter up until now. It smelled like a burnt engine. It was fiddly to setup and unless it was on a dead flat surface, you would get rather mixed results from the printer. Dymo Diskprinter We use the printer to print a wedding photo of our customer’s wedding. It will print on 80 and mm discs, both hub printable and non hub printable. You also have to be careful of which printable disks you use as not all of them work well.

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If that works like printing on a glossy label or photo quality paper, then Oainter would change my rating to excellent. However, after the first few disks the printer started skipping lines, and duplicating text. Finally, the DiscPainter is a one trick pony. But I like the quality of the print out. Power is supplied using a power brick and cord.

Plug the printer into your computer with the supplied cable, and start the application that is supplied on the software CD, the application is called Discus and is very easy to use. I have printed on paintef inkjet, and white label inkjet, both water proof and not. I gave out some for Christmas and people were amazed at the quality of the titles on the DVD’s. I just LOVE it!!! In part this may be attributable to the three-color ink cartridge used by the DYMO.

DYMO DiscPainter – Wikipedia

The printer moves the disc to the print area where ink is sprayed onto the blank as it symo in place. But it may not meet everybody’s expectations.


It will print on 80 and mm discs, both hub printable and non hub printable. I can run full color disc thru an epson printer at. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. I would recommend this dumo, it is small, fun to watch and easy to use.

Dymo DiscPainter CD/DVD Inkjet Printer

As with every other device these days that does everything, I expected the DiscPainter to be a multi this that and the other device. Once set up, the printer is delight to use. Prints a full disc at dpi in about 3 minutes, and a full disc at dpi in a minute RadialPrint technology prints directly on a disc as it spins Dedicated disc printer allows you to insert a disc, close the lid, and print with ease Allows you to adjust inner and outer diameter settings for edge-to-edge printing, even of mini 8cm discs Choose from any of 3 print quality settings to optimize quality Includes 9 ink paiinter controls to optimize coverage on matte, glossy, or colorized discs Includes Discs for DYMO software for printing, complete with a plethora of ready-made design canvases Photo collage tool allows you to include as many as 32 photos in a single design Choose your own font for designs, and add stamp art, symbols, and type effects Can be used as a standard printer in popular applications, including those by Painterr, Quark, and SureThing Mac and Windows compatibility.

Setting up the printer software is the first thing you are instructed to do, multiple times, which is really quite simple. I chose a dizc dark image to start with, and went ahead and added it via the photo tab within the software.

It is a very cost efficient way to make professional looking cds or dvds for yourself, or your small business. Additional Paknter Features Media Type. And it does it surprisingly well for a single cartridge inkjet printer. Show less Show more.


Set up of the printer was straightforward. Dymo shipped out a brand new unit which worked for about twenty discs worth of printing and we now have another mechanical failure of the second unit. We use the printer to print a wedding photo of our customer’s wedding. Now the next thing is the software is not as easy to use as they make it look, but you can work with it, and with time it is easier to use, just like any software.

First remove the multiple safety styrofoam inserts and protective tape.

No clip art library is included, and text treatment is awkward. It took a little time, not much, to figure out how to use it but once your past the initial learning curve it is easy.

For matte, glossy, or colored printing, the DYMO Disc Painter printer features nine ink-density settings for perfect ink control. I djmo purchase this at bhphoto.

DYMO DiscPainter Software, Mac OS X

The only machine that was available is a multi disc duplicator that would burn and print on disc all the same time. The circular printing process takes over a minute to produce a simple two-color design. This was a good system; it cost a lot and would sometimes spit discs onto the desk when the printing draw failed to open.