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PS3 and Xbox compatible controller similar to the controller? The quest for a solution started when I discovered: I like em but they just are not working right. I uninstalled for the 25th time…then without reinstalling, i plug in the headset with no software installed…but the drivers were already on board. Download the updated installer from the edimensional website or alternatively the 3D test software He said with my setup, 6 months from now, I should see 50 – 60 fps In this respect the PS3 headsets work like the game audio comes from the TV.

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FSX and Vista – Installation of eDimensional Voice Buddy 3.0

I expected something along the lines of, well, the Gameport! I especially like the retro feel. YES, that is hilarious! Definitely not what I expected it to be at all, but none the less…congradulations and best of luck edimensiinal any future product you come out with.

Hi cthiggin, According to everything I’ve read, it’s the drivers.

download from

Sound reproductions is great,and the force feedback is really something to believe, however all is not perfect. Clear sound, and okay in the lowest volume setting 6, anything lower mutes it. Top button working – edimensiojal glasses. Thomas, my friend, you are really a specialistI really support ugo aheard.


This cycle continuously repeats and, not to put too fine a point on it, really vsita the H— out of me. Redemption, your drivers worked perfectly!!!!

Any idea if the muffs work well for long periods with glasses on? And that has been working great.

Right click on the edimensinoal controller in your system tray and click “3D Display On” you may have needed to also set your system up for interlaced mode through the other edimensional controller It has a box designed by me and everything.

Lastly, they are loud…very loud…i had to turn way down the volume in my flight sim, the volume output ivsta teamspeak, etc…. Has anyone thrown one of these on to a Mac running OS X. Maybe this will help someone else Anyone have any ideas that I can try? When I took the glasses on, the first thing I noticed was that I was being dizzy. Can you feel the buzz?

When gaming Battlefieldthe players voices are good, but the automated game voice sounds all broken up, very choppy. Are these stores dumb or what gamers from every where should buy these.

Meant to be Seen – View topic – edimensional releadse Vista, windows 7 driver

The mic stopped working all vistq. The only way i could get it smoothed out was to set the codec to speedex Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Total waste of money. After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out.


A quiet range would be nice since these speakers are an inch from my ears.

I like em but they just are not working right. I hope that helps.

Edimensional Audio FX 5.1 > Vista

Call me an idiot, but I found ultimately that the software works great. Well, I vissta one, and am having it shipped up here to Canada. I have tried the ingame sound output as surround and headphones. I must reboot to correct either issue. Now the shutter glasses started to flicker, and it was heavy flickering.

He said with my setup, 6 months from now, I should see 50 – 60 fps