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We will try our best to provide you with a suitable answer within 2 working days. Choose ‘Product related question’ when your question about an Eminent product. Optical Mouse Gold EM revision 0: Power Supply EM revision 0: Close, make new selection. Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions.

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Headset with Microphone EM revision 0: Outdoor Motion Detector EM revision 2: Optical Mouse Silver EM revision 0: Video Grabber – rev2 EM revision 0: Coaxial cable for surveillance camera EM revision 0: Mini-Stereo Extension cable 1.

Software EM revision 0: CITY Notebook case 17 – Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions.

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Close, I require further assistance. Windoww Select Product AB revision 0: Wireless Internet Kit EM revision 0: Audio Cable 3 meter EM revision 0: Twistable HDMI cable 1. Select the corresponding COM port check port number in device manager and click ‘Check’.


Classic Earplugs EM revision 0: Optical Mouse EM revision 0: Twistable Audio Connection Cable 1.

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Otherwise you can contact us by email or phone. Gigabit N Router EM revision 0: Stirdy aluminium enclosure for 5.

Earplugs Pro Black EM revision 0: All other mentioned countries CET: Multimedia surface wipes EM revision 0: You can use the form below to send us an E-mail for technical questions concerning Eminent products. Adjustable Laser Mouse EM revision 0: Infrared Illuminator EM revision 0: Earplugs EM emm1016 0: Outdoor Camera Housing EM revision 0: Wireless N Router EM revision 0: In-ear Earplugs Pink EM revision 0: Either of the options below will enable you to contact us.

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