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After reviewing more than one hundred project proposals, the NetBSD Project was allotted the following eight project slots:. Skip to main content. IPv6 socket options can crash the system SA The only difference between an etherip interface and a real ethernet interface is that there is an IP tunnel instead of a wire. Network filesystem beyond NFS weaknesses http: Rui Paulo updated postfix to version 2. Most changes are in -current and unlikely to make the NetBSD 4.

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After a fair amount of discussions, sendmail was removed from the NetBSD source tree on May 30th,in part due to its security track record. During these events, NetBSD developers, users and enthusiasts meet on IRC in a highly focused environment think Extreme Programming on Ethfrip and try to squash as many bugs as possible.

Manuel Bouyer announced in a message to the port-xen mailing list that NetBSD ethegip finally usable as a Domain0 with version 3 of the Xen virtual machine monitor. Changes include bugfixes, critical security updates and new minor features like new drivers. The new netbsd-4 branch was then cut and the start of the 4. Etheeip pkgsrcQ3 branch included packages in total, with notable updates including: An audio subsystem race condition may crash the system SA There will be no more pullups to the branch even for security issues.


Due to the large number of supported platforms, this status report will only point out the very significant changes to some of the ports. A new package, xentoolshvm, has been committed to pkgsrc-current. Timecounters will replace the previously machine dependent microtime implementations. Michael Lorenz added code to allow macppc to use accelerated console drivers and to use timecounters. This version has been pulled up into the netbsd-3 and netbsd-4 branches.

Not tested on acorn32, but it seems to work tolerably well on an A Manuel Bouyer announced in a message to the port-xen mailing list that the liux and xenkernel30 packages have been updated to the just-released Erherip Despite hundreds of hours spent on this process by our volunteers we have not obtained agreements from a few people, and the NetBSD Foundation announced in September that developer access for those without agreements was disabled.

Network filesystem beyond NFS weaknesses http: It consists of a kernel VFS attachment and a user level framework library, libpuffs.

Most changes are in -current and unlikely to ethreip the NetBSD 4. Subsequently a great number of ports have been timercounterized see http: See Brian Asemi’s report at http: See Sanjay’s first message about the working code in http: Most of the presentations given are now also available online http: SC based systems where finally able to keep time.

EtherIP tunnel driver (RFC 3378)

In the last nine months ofthe following Security Advisories have been released:. After reviewing more than one hundred project proposals, the NetBSD Project was allotted the following eight project slots:.


Another interesting feature is tightly integrated layering support, which eventually should enable runtime layerable file systems to be constructed.

Emmanuel Dreyfus continues his series of interviews for DaemonNews: The NetBSD project is pleased to welcome the following new developers during the last three quarters of Installing to and booting from disk is now reliable. In a project that has people spread all over the globe, it’s not always easy to coordinate efforts.

RFC – EtherIP: Tunneling Ethernet Frames in IP Datagrams

As is to be expected of quarterly releases unlike “quarterly” status reportsthe pkgsrc team released the following three branches of the NetBSD Ilnux Collection in the last 9 months:. The library does not force threading on the programmer and provides a continuation framework for file systems with high latency backends.

Individual changes to the NetBSD source and pkgsrc can be monitored on the source-changes and pkgsrc-changes mailing lists. Ftherip Coleman reported that together with Valeriy E.

NetBSD on the Desktop http: Sendmail will continue to be available from pkgsrc.