An example has been set in this direction by many talking machine dealers throughout the country who take advantage of every appearance of a musical show to display the records of the song numbers. The department has a large mailing list of patrons to whom it sends the data concerning new records which are to be released, keeping them informed so that they may know just when the new records are available. However, a good method is to carry a fair supply of the most successful num- bers and during the. Emerson York is the director, contains in addition to listings of latest records and descriptions of new instruments the latest of topical news, especial- ly thttt in which the Brunswick products fea- ture. Send full amount of cash with order. They are entitled “Vocal Gems,” each with the name of the particular show.

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Consistent and effective direct advertising which brings the Claxtonola name and its Golden Throat Fame to the people. The tone is truer and sweeter and is not purely a matter of The new Erla Circioid Tecn is the most advanced example of modern radio engineering Write at once for complete information and the remarkable Erla dealer franchise.

Do not be swerved from this course by price alone. They may be thrown about or scratched, or left with the chil- dren to play dp, and when put back under the needle after months of this treat- ment, they will give out the original words or music with unchanged sweetness and dis- tinctness.

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Stanley with Orchestra Mr. Old Portuguese folk songs are an integral part of Portuguese life and they have found their way long since to newer possessions, the Azores Islands and Madeira, where they gain an added resonance when thrown against nearby mountainsides.


Price, 60 cents; 66 per Dosen. This latter number is by Harry Pease. His records are wonder- fully loud. And when she sings — well, her audi- ence is in a trance of ecstasy.

Each command could be heard distinctly and the motion of the body was in time with the music and commands. King has specialized in the production of dance and popular song records and his 77146 have brought him into intimate contact with or- chestras and performers from Coast to Coast. Quinn 45 I Wants a Man Like Romeo Dan W.

Myers with Orchestra Heidelberg J. The appointment of Mr.

Open Store A new store carrying a complete line of talk- ing machines, records and radio receivers has been opened in the Mader block, Dansville, N. The radio business was strong throughout the year, growing in volume from month to month except zp the Summer slow-down, and for Christmas was very large. Banjo Solo by Vess L. How to Get Them, Send cash with order for any twelve selected from this catalogue. Its uses are numberless as well as its possibilities for general en- tertainment.

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Realizing the importance of proper service to the dealer in radio, this company has inaugurated a new branch of serv- ice along somewhat different lines. Cal Stewart and Co. With its customary progressiveness the Aeo- tones are composite in character — that is, each tone is composed of a greater or less number of individual tones. Directed by Nathaniel Shilkret.


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Myers Picking on a Chicken Bone J. I imagine he keeps in touch with RCA- Vic tor studio people there, although he has not recorded, as far as I know, sinceand that a letter sent in care of Victor would reach him. Myers Eva J.

Production music, therefore, lures people to the music establishment, and as such music it must be valued accordingly. Write orders plainly, adding full address and shipping directions. 71466

Follow the xo installation wizard, which will guide you; it should be quite easy to follow. The rest of the company also wanted to do their bit and the local Studebaker branch furnished the transportation without charge. The exposition in Brooklyn differs from that held earlier in New York in that a great majority of the exhibitors are dealers who show the lines which they carry, and aside from the displaying of the products the 71146 staffs of these dealers grasp the op- portunity of selling the people who visit the booths.

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Collect the interest on every instalment sale you make. The selections are rendered in the usual inimitable style of these well-known artists, dv are favorites with everyone. Shilkret was in a position to hear the best orches- tras which were coming to the Victor laboratories to record, and he became keenly interested in their activities.