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Another advantage is that writes the same four channels simultaneously, no built-in microphones for occupy recording channels. The MR8-HD has a 40 gig hard drive which equates to about hours of recording which is ample for my band. Qualitprix trs a competitive register numrique HDD base. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. The MR-8HD has all the cool editing features—cut and paste, copy, export, exchange, and erase. Home International Privacy Policy. The – it’s the preamp and limitations inputs and tracks.

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Fostex MR-8HD Digital Multi Track Recorder

For my solo work, eight tracks is plenty, but with just a little mixing practice the track method is easy to master. The guitar amp and microphone simulations are basically an afterthought.

If you’ve been waiting for all the pieces to fall in place before you go digital, now’s the time to make your move. You can use this function either to transfer your final mixed songs for burning onto CD, or even to store the original mono tracks for later re-importation or mixing on a computer-based recording system, PC or Mac.

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User reviews: Fostex MR-8 HD – Audiofanzine

Now, I would take a “real” 8 ways that could record 8 simultaneous tracks. Purchased from Home Studio! Actual product that replace this one, is inferior. Overall, for bucks it’s a decent unit with just the right amount of functionality for me. Quality of sound, microphone preamplifiers very good, with great sensitivity, relative ease of operation, lightweight, beautiful, and easy to connect the computer to transfer jr-8hd.


Fostex MR-8HD Multi-track Recorder : Review

All-in-all the MR-8HD is an amazing little unit that transcends the storage and simultaneous-recording limitations of all previous digital recorders in this price range, then goes a whole lot further. As against the manual is not provided in French you have to go the download on the website of Sennheiser France.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The ultimate record-anywhere multitrack. It’s the first very affordable digital recorder to offer four-track simultaneous recording, and the first in this price range with a hard drive.

Fostex was founded by Foster Electric who have been developing high quality speaker components since The – it’s the preamp and limitations inputs and tracks. Four-way fowtex All the cool inexpensive little portable digital recorders made over the fosgex few years have shared the same glaring, stifling weakness—none of them have offered more than two tracks of simultaneous recording. If u work with sound,Try one! The frustrating thing for them is that it’s hard to get a group together and play at the same time.

For the ” song writer ” working alone with guitar or piano and voice, that’s fine: This software gives you complete control over your MR-8HD’s hard drive from the computer. He always append the current recording. Roland CD-2e Too much expensive. If you continue using this website, we will assume that you are happy about that. Often, the songs we recorded would have audible skips in the.


Write a user review. That was especially vexing for guys like me.

Fostex MR8-HD answered this question. The dynamic range is 88dB or more. All the essential controls are right where you need them – no confusing menus to wade through to crank up the built-in guitar distortion – right there on the top panel. Show less Show more.

MR-8HD : 8 Track Digital Multitracker

Sort by most recent most useful. It is very easy to use, with knobs and faders on the front panel for the various controls. I fostsx there are two types of players, ones that can sit down and play a lick from every song you’ve ever heard of – and the other crowd with whom I associate – the song writers.