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The screen returns to the Added Features screen. Sharpness The contours of images can be made to look sharper or more blurred. When moving the machine, be sure to unplug the power cord from the outlet. Output by device RGB. Changing the paper size Illegal Copies Illegal Copies It is illegal to make copies of certain documents. Default is 0 as Off.

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Confirming Trays Set on the Machine The trays set lcl the machine are displayed in a list for confirmation. Replacing Consumables Following describes the various consumables for this machine, and how to handle and replace them. This list also allows you to confirm details of completed jobs in more detail.

DriverHive Details for FX DC C PCL Driver

Set whether to enable or disable PJL commands that are sent from the client. Page Overview of the Totals Management Feature When the totals management feature is active, only the user with registered accounts can use this machine.

Copying With Stored Jobs 3. Close the front door.

Remedy this by following the message on the display. When the Distribution Copy feature option is installed, the required number of copies can also be printed at the same time. Ensure that the machine is installed with a minimum clearance of mm from the rear vent to the wall.


Auto Job Release Set to release the current job to enable execution of the next job when an unusual condition docu- ment jam, paper jam, etc. When removing jammed paper, images are sometimes transferred to the transfer belt ddc film belt on the machine body inside the top left c4000.

Remedy the document jam according to the instructions displayed, and then load the document again on the DADF. Creating A Booklet – Booklet Creation 3. Indicates important information and must be read in detail. When you have finished entering the No. For Save Writea password must be entered when selecting a mailbox. Power Saver Mode This machine is installed with a Power Saver feature that will automatically cut off the elec- tricity to the machine if it is left unused for a certain duration.

Pcl Settings List 6.

Document Centre C400 Drivers & Downloads

You can get burnt. Com- pensating color tones maintains the quality of color prints ocl by this machine at a fixed level. Procedure Select Stored Jobs in the Others screen.


Scan Size Default 5. Jobs are processed in the order in which they arrive when the priority is the same. Stapler Faults Stapler Faults This section describes how to remedy stapler faults. This item is displayed when the finisher or Face Up Side Tray is installed. Symptoms Check Remedy Prints are faint. Original Size Defaults 5. Setting Value Description No Shift Select the ID No. Page Possible Combinations of Features This section provides lists of possible combinations xf copy features.

There are two different ways of counting the total number of copies and printed pages. Remove dcc jammed staples together with the staple sheet.

Password Entry Screen 1. You can also set a center margin and output a cover when making booklets.