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Sign up using Facebook. According to Figure Given you’re on a Windows box it’s easy to download and install the h4toh5 tools from the HDF group which can be used from the command line with using your example file: Finally, it maps value above to fill value again. Can you point to an example file?

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gdal – Read HDF4 data using python – Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

Email Required, but never shown. Given you’re on a Windows box it’s easy to download and install the h4toh5 tools from the HDF group which can be fdal from the command line with using your example file: Your best bet is to install PyTables and Pandas and use the inbuilt HDFStore object to read in the data, which might look something like:.

If we want only bit 1, we can perform a bitwise operation with the byte data. GetSubDatasets for hdr4name in subdatasets: We can use standard unix filters e.

But if you are too tolerant, you will get spurious results. There are clearly trade-offs: As explained in the previous sectionGDALOpen can open a specific object if the first argument indicates one dataset. For a more in-depth turorial you can read http: The ydal -tr xres yres specifies the desired resolution of the output dataset by m in the case above.


The hdf format page includes a great description of the hdf4 data structure but fails to help getting support for gdal. Try changing filename above to something else We then use the GetSubDatasets gfal to read out information on the different subdatasets available from this file compare to the output of gdalinfo on the shelf earlier Loop over the retrieved subdatasets to print the name human-readable information and the GDAL filename.

This is a predefined domain for child objects.

bash – Struggling to compile gdal with hdf4 support – Stack Overflow

You should end up with something like: We can used masked arrays for this. We shall also choose another colormap there are lots to choose fromand set values outside the 0. Jackie 93 1 9. When using HDF files, we need to have some idea of the stucture of the contents, although you can clearly explore that yourself in an interactive tdal.

I began with the homebrew approach to building gdal described on the osgeo website. There are many tools for manipulating and reading HDF in hdc4, but we will use one of the more generic tools, gdal here.


This section explains how to call some important functions. I know that the file carries information of active fire points, but I cannot read the data inside into an array. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. You can download this file from here.

Checking gdalinfo –formatshdf4 is still not included in the list. I updated the question with link to my file.

HDF4 — Hierarchical Data Format Release 4 (HDF4)

Below image is of the modis product used with my script. You can download the HDF5 file from here. It also maps values between and to the same value as the original value.

Input file size is Sign up using Facebook. Additionally, we wrote a dumper program.

Sign up using Facebook. Can you point to an example file?

Thus, my total workflow was:.