What a price on that For the Titanium series Leadtek has a new style of a package which looks very attractive taking into account that the boxes for different families differ in color. The other point is do you really want a Ti as it is only a overclocked GF3. Samsung 4ns memory chips. The only plus to getting a Ti is bragging rights and it may possibly be worth more when you sell it. Unfortunately, there is no heat-conducting grease between the heatsink and the memory.

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When comparing the shading capabilities to the Radeonreviewers noted superior precision with the ATi card. We have proven it in that review, and our 3Digest shows that there are no games able to enable the memory beyond 64 MBytes.

Video input, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200 graphics card – GF3 Ti 200 – 64 MB

In my experience, middle of the road is always the cheapest way to stay at the performance sweet spot for most of the time. The GeForce 3 family comprises 3 consumer models: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments t120 by Disqus.

The Ti was the slowest, and lowest-priced GeForce3 release. The only that can change are figures next to word geforcce3 Pentium 4 based computer Socket Video 3Digests Video cards: A new teachnology that is part of the nfiniteFX Engine, 3D textures make hollow objects solid with true three-dimensional material properties such as wood grain or marbling. Today we are going to test it again in comparison with equal solutions.


GeForce 3-serie

You pays your money, and make your choice, but don’t be fooled by the marketing and poor reviews. All the CDs and the manual are put into a plastic cover.

This method fails with texture maps which have varying transparency e. Write a comment below.

You must log in or register to reply here. Of course we can calculate what memory is needed for the toughest 3DMark test in x, but do you need those fps gained?

Although, considering that the Ti cards are equipped with the chips which don’t not work stably at MHz and, thus, do not suit Tithere is nothing geforce be surprised at.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. BioShock Infinite and Metro: The cards differ only in coolers. The Radeon v Geforce2 argument raged But now the designers decided to make a flower of it. Off the beaten path”.

GeForce 3 series – Wikipedia

Unless the Ti has the pick of the bunch component wise unlikelythen they are the same geofrce3 the default clock settings, and the price. You pays your money, and make your choice.


First of all, we haven’t tested yet a card from Gainward based on the GeForce3 Tiand secondly it will be a starting point for comparison of MBytes cards with their 64 MBytes brothers. Retrieved from ” https: I’ve actually had 2 Ti’s and sold them.

I’m not to bothered about the wait as I have a card to use now. With multi-sampling, the render output units super-sample only the Z buffers and stencil buffers, and using that information get greater geometry detail needed to determine if a pixel covers more than one polygonal object.

I like it very much. I can’t comment on specific makes of card but The Ti is just a partially pre- overclocked GF3.

The Ti has been clocking damned fast usually above vanilla GF3 cards. I sold the Gf3 and the 2 Ti’s and the feedback I got from the new owners: