We tested power draw by running our standard BatteryMon benchmark. Its work surface is marked by a slightly raised border so that you can always feel where it starts and ends. While we described it as glossy above, its reflections are actually more muted than those of most consumer laptops and tablets. With Windows Power Options set to Power Saver, radios off, and the display backlight set to its lowest setting, we saw a minimum of about 8. That’s because Getac designed the S to handle common occurrences such as spills onto the keyboard and keypad, and most ports have protective covers, but there are also fan and other openings that preclude conventional water ingress resistance testing. That said, Panasonic decided to go with ultra-low voltage processors for the Toughbook 53 whereas Getac uses higher performance standard voltage chips. On the right side of the computer, again from left to right, is the battery compartment with recessed Smart Card and SIM card slots.

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Getac S positioning What is the Getac S and who needs it?

Designed for next generation wireless technology, you can connect wirelessly for mission critical information at amazing speeds.

The results are below, and for comparison we added the Getac B, V, V and X as well as the latest Panasonic 31, the economy-priced Gammatech durable notebook, and the high-end GD-Itronix Topaz fully-rugged notebook.

Viewing angles are important. The battery can be removed if the unit is plugged in, but it is not hot-swappable. Combined with software, these certificates can be used to: There’s a touch screen because that often works well with field applications.

The S provides advanced protection against harmful dust ingress IP5X and is one of the most rugged semi-rugged laptops ever made.


Dell has toughened ATG and XFR versions wieless some of its consumer notebooks, and there are several Taiwan-based OEMs that sell durable and semi-ruggeds under various brand names and sometimes also their own. Getac S semi-rugged notebook Specifications. That’s because Getac designed the S to handle common occurrences such as spills onto the keyboard and keypad, and most ports have protective covers, but there are also wifeless and other openings that preclude conventional water ingress resistance testing.

The vertical viewing angle is also wide, but there are considerable color shifts as you change the angle. They pop up in their own windows, and wirelesw only additional wish I’d have is being able to set the graph upper and lower limits. Overall, the motherboard and interior circuitry is very clean, very solid, and very well laid out.

Getac | Support | Drivers & Software

From left to right, they are: It can be used for both single and dual-touch gestures, and may work best with vertical market custom apps wirelezs designed for the technology.

Below are the results: Blickenstorfer — photography by Carol Cotton In October ofGetac announced a new addition to its growing lineup of tablet, handheld and notebook computers built to last. It won’t open by accident.

The display’s x pixel resolution wirelesss just high enough for most work.

Rugged PC – Rugged Notebooks: GETAC S

They went for good performance with two dual processor options from Intel’s highly regarded Core processor lineup. The display is semi-matte so as to avoid the reflections that plague the glossy screens of consumer notebooks. Apart from the difference in clockspeed, the higher-end i5 chip offers Turbo Boost the ability to boost clock speed when certain conditions are met and supports a number of advanced Intel technologies that may or may not be needed virtualizationtrusted executionadvanced AES.


Security Like most mobile hardware these days, the S offers various levels of hardware and software security to prevent unauthorized access as well as theft.


Push it and the screen lights up with high intensity unseen in any regular display. While it’s addressing the same target markets, it is a thinner, lighter and altogether more contemporary solution.

Very impressive is also the amount of detail on the inside of the case: The S was developed specifically for utilities, eireless safety, field service and military applications.

The largest one had connectors for the hard disk, as well as two USB 3. What this means is that the nits backlight of the S’s optional display is much brighter than any consumer notebook. Bottom line The 4th generation Getac S, introduced latshould undoubtedly be seen as one of the primary and most wigeless contenders in the semi-rugged notebook market. It tetac also the same resolution used for p HD video, so the display is well suited for multimedia.

That’s theoretically good for well over ten hours. There’s an optical drive, but no multi-purpose media bay. The S does have a small fan, but is fairly quiet and doesn’t warm up much. Its matte black and gun-metal gray color scheme is elegant, timeless, and exudes just the right degree of toughness.