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Havaianas shoes have been around for many years now. They are known throughout Brazil for the quality of their products. The name Havaia comes from the name of the town of Havaia. It is a beautiful Brazilian brand of flip flop sandals manufactured and invented in 1962. It’s owned by Brazilian manufacturing firm Alpargatas S. A. Inspired by Japanese zori shoes, Robert Fraser invented the first flip flops made from rubber. Find out – 

Havaianas – How they’re made!

The main difference between Havaianas Flip Flops and the traditional shoes is that they are made of a soft rubber. The other differences that have been brought about by time are the colors and designs they come in. You can buy these sandals with or without laces. They also come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The classic black color was one of the most popular ones as it looks good on everybody.

Havaianas also has a collection of shoes for summer that you can try out. These are made with a different material than the traditional shoes. The materials used are usually made from synthetic grass. These are made in light colors like lilac, pink and brown. The soles are also synthetic. All in all, the shoes are stylish and comfortable, especially if you wear them in the hot summer days. They’re so comfortable that you can walk around your home in a pair of Havaianas without any problem at all.

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