If so tell me when you do and ill send you the drivers. We have a different level of customised firmware in the device. Drivers are small Hitachi Maxell DP 8. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Downloads: I’m probably being dim here, but why is the multi-mega-square-kilometre pattern size important? I can see how a 6×6 grid of 4 position dots accounts for the 4 36 , but where does the extra 36 come from?

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Drivers for Hitachi Maxell DP

The renowned Space Echo machine. That’s not a problem, but I want to know first of everything is working, before I spend more money. Is there a device whereby I write hardcopy on regular paper while a digitized version of my dp-2201 appears on the screen or display of my PC? Many pads of paper also have magic buttons that send GIF copy of the page over Bluetooth maxrll the pen doesn’t store the GIF, it just creates it on the fly from the vectors.

The pattern is a bunch of these small dots that are around microns in size. Can someone else please help?

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If some one gets this pen and wants to make a syncing program, there are some anoto development kits at their site. Hitachi Maxell Global Ltd. The pen works by writing on a special paper with Anoto functionality, which is a paper that has tiny dots that form a coordinate system that the pen can read to position the text you write in the right places in its memory. This is a small hack if you wish.


The DP can store about 40 pages of A5 size notebooks, or dp-021 25 or more pages of A4. But this article totally fails to expain how this is done.

If so tell me when you do and ill send you the drivers. They are signing up VAR’s globally and seem to making a lot of progress with this technology. Hitachi Maxell DP Select the driver needed and press download.

T236 Maxell Digital Pen DP 201

Hitachi Maxell has announced a new upgraded version of The DP will last you for around 2 hours of writing. My pen received today, but is also the digital pen for Blackberry and that’s just the device I don’t have. Some CPU models might be even used for the assembling of gaming systems.

But, I could not use the “Streaming” function for using Bluetooth. Drivers are small Hitachi Maxell DP 8.

The quality for this pen have no problem on it. This article has been rated as Start-Class on the project’s quality scale.


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The company has not made any official claims yet, however MSI marked the pair as an appropriate match for mxell of its new motherboards. I’ve never used one. This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat Many thanks in advance!

Intel Chipset Driver 7. Once this was complete, the pen could then send the digital ink files to the pc when the pen was put in the cradle. Another question about pattern hitchi. Please post all driver requests on the messageboard. Drivers are the property and the responsibility of their respective manufacturers, and may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites.

Our pen G is specially manufactured under strict license by Hitachi Maxell. Retrieved from ” https: Anoto Digital Pen Dp Driver? Nov 23, Posts: New posts 24 hours Hot Top 20 Account: The most complete collection of drivers for your computer!