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You must have both a power connector from the power supply and a data cable properly connected to the drive. But after a while he jumps on cpu and starts loading windows from pc. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site. So I am trying to find the driver, but without any luck. If it is possible for a data cable connector to plug into a IDE header either way, the striped side of the data cable must be next to the pin one end of the IDE header on all connections. The jumper setting on the back of the drive must be set properly.

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Another common thing is for the data cable to be separated from the connector contacts a bit after you have removed a cable – there should be no gap between the data cable and the connector – if there is press the cable against the connector to eliminate the gap.

That model is relatively old. It was made in August XP doesn’t have the drivers built in gr8162b most things that first came out after XP was first released, circaand it doesn’t have some of the drivers built in for things made before that.

Your drive is an IDE drive.


So we’ve hopefully eliminated alcohol as a possible issue, but we never actually tested the unit – when you say ‘doesn’t work anymore’ – I need that spelling out Does this mean I can buy myself a new DVD-player? Gxr8162b remember installing dvd-ro, programme called alcohol And if I just deleted this virtual DVD?


What usually happens is the cable is ripped at either edge and the wires there are either damaged or severed, often right at a connector or under it’s cable clamp there, where it’s hard to see – if a wire is severed but it’s ends are touching, the connection is intermittent, rather than being reliable.

November 24th, Posts 13, Did you try deleting the registry keys as described? Posts 13, Originally Posted by Merrin Same problem here January 25th, Usually the thing that makes them un-usable first is the cheap sleeve bearings in the motor have worn to the point that so much friction is produced in the bearings that the motor can no longer spin hl-dt-sh the minimum 1X legacy audio CD speed, or the motor doesn’t spin at all.

November 14th, Results 1 to 15 of 28 Thread: You must have both a power connector from the power supply and a data cable properly connected to the drive. So I am trying to find the driver, but without any luck.

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Originally Posted by Merrin. Net is the opinions of its users.

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I guess it got deleted by a anti-virus programme but I have still some residu left on my machine. Welcome to WD forums Merrin. All times are GMT There are two rows of 3 pins on the back of the drive next to the pins for the IDE header.


You don’t need to install drivers for it. The information on Computing. Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which QuinStreet receives compensation.

August 23rd, You may have to register before you can post: He tries to boot from cd. Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk. Make sure that there are no pins on the drive or on the mboard IDE headers that are bent over such that they’re not plugging into the data cable connectors.

Your drive does not require an 80 wire data cable – a 40 wire one will do – but if it’s on the same data cable as a hard drive that requires an 80 wire data cable, you must use an 80 wire data cable to get the full max burst speed from the hard drive.