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Does anyone know of any routine job running at a specific time that might be related to this behaviour? I thought it may be a hardware issue, but this happens on ALL 4 servers, as well as a 5th one I have running. Are you using any teaming software on your NIC’s? If I set the network adapter to “not connected” and then reconnect it in the hyper-v manager, virtual machine settings, the problem will go away, but all of my users get disconnected at that point, and have to re-login, and some are losing their work. But this time it is a tcpip.

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Procexp process explorer doens’t really help much, except to note when the server starts responding again.

VERY occasionaly I would run out of memory if I had more users than expected to log on shift overlaps, etc. Are you using any teaming software on your NIC’s? It appeared that this update did the trick for about a week, then the freezes came back.

Embedded NC105i PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter

Posted October 22, Still could be symantec related. Also, here are the summary files from procmon.

Mark this reply as best answer, if it answered your question. If you look at the system, you wouldn’t know there was a problem, all indicators say that nnic network is functioning correctly, but if you try to ping through that nic you get nothing.


Sign in to vote. We’ll see what happens now Again all servers are identical except now we have different NIC’s in 2 of them: Nc105u can ping the virtual server all day long, but can’t connect to it on ANY protocol. Some Is there a particular application that you are using on your terminal servers?

If you see it ho when the load increases it must be some cache somewhere or storage of course. I have exactly the same problem on the same hardware and software. Same Hardware profile for each virtual server, except VS3 is using a “legacy network adapter” while VS7 is using the “network adapter” I have completely disabled the on-board HP NIC’s suspecting these were causing me some serious problems.

Is there a particular application that you are using on your terminal servers? When I was using the virtual network card virtual machine bus network adapter I would get an error in the event log of the virtual server stating: I never had any when network traffic was low, only when it was really high.

Hiya, even tho it should not be possible, the symptoms you describe sounds more and more like a switch or hub with a cache that runs full. On just ONE of the servers the top most physical server nc1105i our rack: Just to be sure, your TS is not running out of Memory right?


Friday, January 29, 2: It displays an exlamation mark on network adapter icon on system tray. I’ve disabled any offloading functionality of the virtual NIC driver within Win and the overflowing log files returned to more normal size!

Posted October 13, Friday, February 12, You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. The server tools in XenServer 6 might have an issue on a Windows installation. We think we had a “freeze up” this morning Mondaybut we’re not quite sure. I changed the Power Plan to “High Jc105i on the physical server: I swear I’m going to jump off of a very tall building!

Centos , ESXI and hp nct nic drivers |VMware Communities

We are working on a fix. I will try connecting one of my physical server’s Nuc Switch NIC to the main network backbone directly, completely bypassing Switch 1, and we can go from there. Mike, Yeah, I’ll tell you how I solved it – Disable that piece of garbage I tried everything to fix it, but it still kept dying on me.