Tap the pen in the exact center of each of the calibration markers. However, that’s for the Celeron version that does not have the wide viewing angle display, less RAM, and a smaller disk than the Pentium M-based model. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Both choices had their technological merits, but both went against the flow. Hi sugarcaner, i had the same problem as you. You can look at this display from every angle and the picture never changes.

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I have Windows 7 installed, which seems to operate more or less like Vista as far as I can tell.

As you perform the calibration:. The range of processors includes Pentium-M 1. The pen can function at the default calibration or at a calibration set by another user. Good stuff has a price How about pricing?

Yes, my password is: I didn’t find the time to build a new exterior for it, but hopefully the pic will be tab,et.

It was nothing but an insider joke, one that Compaq’s Tablet PC product manager freely shared with us press types, but it sure got everyone’s attention. The keyboard keys feel solid, provide very good tactile feedback, and there is a ThinkPad-style touch pointer on the keyboard.



Be sure to calibrate the pen for use in both portrait and landscape orientations. At least, this is how it works with Wacom tablets. All the necessary hardware components are stored within the casing of the display and digitizer.

Can anyone suggest another way? Please try again shortly.

HP Tc1100 Tablet PC Stylus WACOM Digitizer Digital Pen DG937A

Once you figure out which snaps and latches to push and pull, and how to twist and turn the thing into position it works well enough, but I actually preferred the old Concerto solution where the system unit has a detachable keyboard and a handle as an adjustable stand. After installing the optional windows update “Wacom Penabled MiniDriver”, my pen stopped working.

The TC is, in fact, a fundamental redesign. Gone are the long waits and the somewhat inconsistent performance of the TC Good DNA is hard to suppress. However, Compaq highly recommends that you use the pen only while it is calibrated to your personal handwriting and mouse action motions. Pen tip Pen button.

HP Compaq Tablet PC TC – Configuring the Pen | HP® Customer Support

I’d also add that you could probably pretty easily shorten it further by snapping that circuit board in half, just above the switch button, and putting the halves side by side, then soldering wires to reconnect the traces. To display the pointer location, hold the pen tip immediately over any location on the tablet PC screen without touching the screen with the pen tip. I cannot over-emphasize what a huge difference hc1100 makes.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Your name tabket email address: Others felt it was a bit cumbersome in real life use.

Compared to most of the competition, Compaq, however, took some chances. Mouse Properties General pointing device preferences, such as pointer speed, click speed, and mouse trails, are set in the Mouse Properties window. Gone, too, is the FinePoint digitizer.

Gone is the Transmeta processor. The TC has a I’m new to the forums so a big hi to you hhp. Nothing special here, just routine updates to the current state of the art.

It had a snap-on keyboard that was more tightly integrated into the Compaq’s design than any of the garden-variety dual-purpose keyboards that also serve as a display cover.