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I will try this as soon as possible. Yes, I have already bought another HP computer in anticipation of this ones failure, but I see no reason why my current laptop should be junked after scarcely two years!! Or turning the screen to an obtuse angle greater than 90 degrees to do something with the wires. Yes, my password is: I have school and all, so my timing is a bit different. Good chance with your HP.

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Laptop screen randomly went black Nut3llaLoveDec 17,in forum: I have done the instructions unplug, discard battery, hold power 30 sec, put battery and rebootbut it failed at the first time.

Thanks I am an HP employee Knowledge is power I hook it up to my TV with an S cable, so I know that there ph nothing majorly wrong with the rest of the business, just the screen. Good chance with your HP. Similar Threads – Solved Black screen. We put an adapter on the harddrive, it’s hard to see just looks like it is all one part, you should be able to just pull the plastic part off the pins and that will let you plug yours into your new case, I went through the same thing about 3 years ago, it really looks like it’s all just one piece.


So it’s like several lines tx20000 text on one sticker. This is not a disposable item for most of us. I was soooooooo ticked, I turned it off and on about times.

It worked two days ago.

Sorry if I couldn’t provide more information! The lights for the monitor come on as well.

Information and links in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. Listed is a HP tx Your name dispkay email address: Note on archived topics. I’m also glad you have most files saved, that makes you the exception, most people know they should, but don’t. Message 33 of So I don’t know about its little details that some people ask.

HP tx suffering from dead screens and wireless, NVIDIA to blame?

Sorry for my late response. Black screen with new screen installed WolfNamedDec 17,in forum: If you can, how does it look there? I have a question regarding my HP Pavilion tx laptop. Hello Tech Support Guy forums! Pulled from an HP Pavilion tx This is when I noticed the display driver stopping working and then recovering. Black screen on monitor displag installing new gpu Gelo21Dec 9,in forum: But I would say if you are looking at paying for a repair you should instead put the money towards a newer unit.


Solved: Black screen for HP Pavilion tx2000

I’ve read solutions such as connecting it to an external monitor but I don’t have the wire thing to do soor pushing JKL with my palm HARD while turning the laptop on. Stylus included, touch screen only works via stylus by design. Turning off the computer and letting it cool down helped. Can I do anything about this computer going totally south before it finally does?

I fear the siuation has become a lot worse. Adams01Dec 3,