You might use the hardware identification to recognize the unknown device then locate the proper driver. Observe any instructions wherever the use of wireless devices is prohibited. Can you provide your email address? Please make sure that the EC Manager has been installed before the EC card is inserted into the computer. Enter a telephone number by one of the following ways:

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Error occurs to the re-imported files if the exported files have been modified.

Windows 7: installing and configuring tata indicom huawei EC321 v-data card

Outbox The messages you have sent out are saved in the Outbox. IF two or more telephone numbers are contained in the item you select, the Huawej Phone Number window is displayed and you are prompted to select one number. If there are any new SMS reports, the number will blink. When you have any missed call, the amount of missed calls is displayed in real time under the status information on the main screen.

Seems like I would be needing it very much. If no storage space is available in your UIM card for the reports, the “Request status report” option is invalid, please contact your UIM card provider for details. Observe any instructions wherever the use of wireless devices is prohibited. Sending Messages You can send messages to the numbers in the Dialed calls items.


Do not place magnetic storage media near your wireless device. For more information, please ask the local network operator. You can create, modify e3c21 delete items in the Contacts.

Huawei EC Firmware Download

Your device Huawei eC driver is currently successfully installed on your PC. Select a number from the Contacts: Inbox The Inbox contains the messages you have received.

Up to messages can be stored in this box.

Step 52 Operation and description 1 Select one or more items. Maximum Data Rate Can you provide your email address? Then, y Click on to import the contacts information from the left of the arrow to the right of it.

The wireless device is not water-resistant. When you use the SMS, you can always operate in this way to go to the Write screen or select contacts. Huawei mobile driver additionally permits you to continue to maintain your Huawei android hardware.

Huawei EC321 Firmware Download :- 3G Modem(Netsetter) Dashboard

Access the SMS screen. With the Setting of Sound Alert When there is an incoming call, you huaewi hear a sound alert: Removing Items You can remove items from the Missed calls. Status Information on the Screen The status information shown on the screen depends on the service that is going on.


Select an operation mode: You can select PC fax software freely. Lot of people over here have shifted to Windows 7 Beta Build Step 1 2 Operation and description Click on displayed. Enter the number directly with the keyboard of your computer.

Status information Description Signal strength Indicates the current network type and signal strength. Do not subject your wireless device to serious collision or shock, or it may bring about malfunctions.

Wait till you comprehend the outcome. Observe the rules and regulations of airline companies.