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It turns out they do, but the story there is a bit more complex. I believe I already did the download. It’s just nestled in that directory with a host of files and a handful of subdirectories. I removed and reinstalled it but it made no difference. I assumed at first that the buttons simply generated X events. The instructions I mentioned are on the website and not on your computer or in the file. How can I tell if it’s been properly installed?

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It’s quite interesting to me that these two distributions appear to be the primary place where the hotkeh of information that every distribution once needed to provide are kept. I’ve been trying to switch fully to the T60 for everything because it is supported by Coreboot.

Message 3 of 9. So, Linux clearly was receiving notice that these keys were pressed. Message 7 of 9. If you chose to install it manually, download the file from the site in the link that I gave you. Running Windows XP Professional.

Comment on this post in this identi. There is also an option on some of the system utilities where you check “Install now” hotkeg you extract, and it starts the install process immediately.


The OSD does not show volume changes nor the screen brightness although the volume controls work, the screen brightness can be changed using hotiey Fn Home and End keys. Unfortunately I wasn’t methodical enough to isolate the particular update that caused the OSD to stop functioning. The Hhotkey Screen Display listed in the log, is the correct application, yes. Since I do co-own ebb. Posted on Sunday 8 June at All now running Win10 – no issues.

How to Configure Hotkeys on the IBM Thinkpad

No registered users and 13 guests. So, I knew nothing was wrong with the sound configuration when I switched the hard drive to a new machine, since the command line tools worked and did the right things. Only missing a proper RetroThinkpad. However, the advice online was highly conflicting whether or not the best way to solve this is to have them generate X events.

In keeping with my tendency to write a blog post about any technical issue I find that takes me more than five minutes to figure out when searching the Internet, I include below a resolution to a problem that took me, embarrassingly, nearly two and half hours across two different tries to figure out.


My T60 is running the latest windows xp driver fine are you sure you are installing it right. I didnt find any solution yet. Mine is near the left side, currently. In case it’s there, and you have reason to believe it isn’t working properly, uninstall it first and then reinstall it.

I have this question too. Who is online Users browsing this forum: I have the same problem T61 after upgrading hottkey driver to 3. Look for that h60 the Add or Remove list.

This was the breakthrough I needed to solve this problem. Some info I overlooked the first time I read your post.

T60 Hotkey Utility – Thinkpads Forum

Message 2 of 9. I do already have Power Manager installed.

Select the Options tab 4. If you have you found that and it still won’t work I can’t help.

Additional searching show this hotkey issue is documented in Linux, in its Thinkpad ACPI documentationwhich states: