I haven’t been able to confirm that the microphone jack works. The sound quality is good but just not very loud. Do you think this will go to the mainline soon? Energy-efficient audio buffering and dynamic FIFO limit change Document change notification for energy efficient buffering specs, with changes You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

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DVD’s play fine also with a codec update which was automatically detected for my system. I tried recording in Jokosher and Sound Recorder, untel neither seemed to record audio from my microphone.

audio intel H (ICH8 Family)

I also noticed one thing: Intel products Sound cards. I have been using gutsy since tribe 1. Sound is working again: In this case you should be able after the changes to control the volumes speaker and headphone independently.

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[Solved] Intel High Definition Audio Driver Issues on Windows 10

If the headphones are not plugged in, the jack directs the audio to audoi return pins that are connected to the speakers. Looks like it might be fixed in the HG developers -tree.


The interesting thing in relation to inte Audio device: Works fine in Feisty and previous Gutsy kernels, bar extremly bad distortion without droping the audio volume immensly hence having to crank my amp a lot higer than it should be. Output of amixer 3. Hya, How does alsamixer look like?

I can confirm post by smolloy and Roger E Critchlow Jr. Alsa conf and alsamixer look like ok, bur if i emerge alsa driver.

It is possible to generate a test tone in the YAST sound config for this jack. Boston ebozzz wrote on Retrieved 14 January I have an hp pavilion dv with the same audio problem. The main volume was automatically un-muted. Find More Posts by smOk3.

Sorry, mirror isn’t up auio date, for now, i need wait for some others packages, and, after i can update my kernel.

So, the first reboot still fails and generates a large number of symbol mismatch errors in kern. Use the ‘Surround’ channel to change the volume for your headphones or the volume control in the program you’re using.

You have to restart the mixer you use, so start as user kmix or gmix, depending on what windowmanager you use.


If after restarting the sound you still don’t have any output from your headphones, make sure you un-muted the headphones using alsamixer in command line or your favorite ajdio mixer such as KMix. Try installing linux-backports -modules- 2.

I think that my alsaconf works correctly, because my sound card is detected fine, but when the configuration puts the example, no sound apears. The Sound Juicer CD player app’s volume control is also able to control the main speaker output. After a reboot the audio signal should be on the audio output on your backplane instead of being defaulted to the HDMI interface. Test auddio “Sound Servers”: Speakers work fine in windoze Any help would be much appreciated.

What you may want to check out is if your mixer has separate channels for the headphone jack. In the AC’97 design, the audio output is always sent to the jack.