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Building a Sandy Bridge CustoMac: Check System Profiler before doing anything silly just to make sure your iMac doesn’t require any of the listed extensions. I have read that this was a known bug in the beta versions of High Sierra, but surely this was fixed before release!? If you’re building a CustoMac, it’s an especially tric I really hope it is as the thought of a clean install sends shivers down my spine.

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I’m still running Sierra on my primary machine and I intend to continue doing that until June, at least. Clicked the tab again “Error, could not connect I have only used a few injectors, but I’m always confused on where injectors belong. Then reboot your Mac, and you should be good. Install OS X Click on that and select Terminal. Intel Corporation Unknown device [ You’re right that this extension isn’t signed, but it does come from Apple and it can be loaded despite the missing code signature.

Knowing what Kernel Extensions are from Apple

Why isn’t it signed? First thing I did was get my drivers, installed them, got the System Extension Blocked message, headed to Security and Privacy and lo and behold, there was an Allow jmicrob Yes, but it depends on the computer’s operating system Mac OS or Windows.


So Oos headed over to the App Store on the iMac, no update. It is better to support the developers who recognize this and are trying to continue to support their users in the environments of the future. System Extension was Blocked, no Allow button, back to square 1.

So that was a waste of time. For one thing, Apple is expecting 3rd party kernel developers to properly handle a failure to load the kernel and then give the user some feedback. And others Ask Question.

Posted October 16, edited. Played around with it a bit and it was exactly the same, not only the extension problem, but Time Machine couldn’t connect to my Time Capsule and DMGs started making Finder Crash again. Sempre tenuto in condizioni di pulizia interna.

tonymacx86 Blog: JMicron SATA Support

mad Salve a tutti ragazzi, Mi sono appena iscritto e innanzi tutto vorrei esprimere la mia gratitudine per l’aiuto offerto. Hope this helps anyone with the the same issues. So short of keeping another computer somewhere with a virgin copy of OS X to refer to, or posting here, how can I know what is official Apple and what is third-party?

So I had to find a large enough USB Hard drive, spread all the files on it over my macbook and a few smaller drives so I can use this large one for a new full 1TB back-up, which has been running for over 7 hours and is about halfway done: Email Required, but never shown.


Then I restored my iMac from that same back-up. Daniel Schlaug Daniel Schlaug. So I’m not sure what happened with my first clean install, but the second fixed everything.

I would be grateful to anyone that has been able to resolve this. We are pretty sure the MacOS installation is messed up in some way, which is weird since I already reinstalled it through a recovery jjicron, if a bit fell over during download or installation, a reinstall should have fixed it, but it didn’t.

System Extension Blocked notification

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Basically, you can turn off the security feature requiring user approval of Kernel Extensions. No sense spending a day just copying stuff if I have to redo it all again the day after.

I have a problem with my hackintosh recognizing my SSD Expresscard drive on boot. So I “fixed” my original problem by nuking it.