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If this happens, instead of adding the ntlmauth. I hope this clarifies some of the confusion emanating from the errors above. Updated my incorrect information and add reference to the instance syntax. A common mistake is to append a semicolon “;” to the end of the URL e. Microsoft offers a full JDBC4. Escaping that in java didn’t work.

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As a general principle we try and keep synchronization to a minimum both for performance and deadlock reasons. Microsoft offers a full JDBC4.

When jTDS sends the 8. In this case the driver will be able to use an RPC succesfully as all the parameters are represented by parameter markers? Of course, we will keep offering support on our SourceForge forums just as we did until now.

But if the stored procedure returns at least one ResultSet jTDS will jjtds cache the update counts up to the first ResultSet and you will have to call getMoreResults to process all the results.

The existing configuration should look similar databasse this:. See an example here, on GitHub.

Transitioning from jTDS to Microsoft’s JDBC driver – Atlassian Documentation

So if your program is accessing a default instance in the database, specify portand you may not need to specify the instance name. If ” false ” the username and password must be supplied. There is a jtxs side to this: These benchmarks are free to download so we encourage you to do it and run them yourself.


For queries that return multiple results the JDBC spec requires execute to be used. The only major features missing from jTDS are connection pooling and row sets; the reason for leaving these out is that there are free implementations available, probably much better than anything we could come up with. Where does one place an instance name in the connect string?

Sign up using Email and Jtdss. In this case the driver will substitute the parameters locally and use a normal “execute procedure” SQL call; however, this mode of execution is less efficient than an RPC.

You can control the real batch size using the batchSize parameter; setting it to a non-zero value will break up batches into smaller jttds on execution, hopefully avoiding the problem. Batch processing with executeBatch hangs or is unreliable on Sybase.

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CallableStatement output parameter getter throws java. The name of the jTDS jar file may be jtds Until telnet doesn’t connect, jTDS won’t either. Follow these steps to make sure: Actually we do have benchmark results from two different benchmarks, both developed by large commercial SQL Server JDBC driver vendors to databzse the performance of their own drivers. Also, please take a look at our ResultSet support page for some additional information and tips.


JDBC4 was introduced with Java 6.

So for procedures returning ResultSet s you will have to loop, consuming all results before reading the output parameters i. It is also recommended that you execute each batch in a transaction mtds. The exception you are getting is usually caused by a timeout.

A tip for finding your sql server’s IP: However, you can run any of the benchmarks yourself, the effort is minimal.

Batch processing using executeBatch hangs or is unreliable on Sybase.

JTDS Driver

The “No suitable driver” exception is thrown by the DriverManager when none of the registered Driver implementations recognizes the supplied URL. In our oppinion this is better than having a benchmark of our own, which could be designed in such a way as to give dztabase the edge. This means among other things that it cannot access platform-specific features, such as determining the currently logged user and his credentials.