I have been struggling with any Vista update i. Posted by Naomi 10 comments: Posted by Naomi 2 comments: Hanbit Pad , 7. I tried what was suggested, i.

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Kohjinsha SH8 Blog

Posted by Naomi 5 comments: This is the device: When I pressed the rotation button, the rotation icons popped up on the screen as always. Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium7.

I updated the Intel display driver a few days ago or rather Vista suggested to update it to version 7. Posted by Naomi 18 comments: I have been struggling with any Vista update i. Slightly poor battery life of Any ideas what to try next?

Kohjinsha SH8 specifications and information.

References will follow soon Apparently Kohjinsha made some improvements, because the keyboard of the SH8 isn’t bad. I get a different error code for that: Above-Net TopExec8. Full user review of SH8. Screen quality is good and the mouse pointer is very intuitive.


jkkmobile: Kohjinsha SH8 convertible UMPC released

Advent U1a7. Today, this feature stopped working. The install process itself didn’t make any problems. The hi-resolution screen, high capacity hard drive and portability make it easy to take and setup on location. The mouse is a little dissapointing its not a koyjinsha pointer but more of a basic joystick and the keyboard will take a lot of work to get used to.

Posted by Naomi 10 comments: Kohjinsha SH8 news and review updates. I tried what was suggested, i. It’s probably a good idea to get this done automatically, which I will do and post here later.

One week with the Vye S Kohjinsha SH8 alternatives 3K Razorbook7. However, this code seems to refer to some Office update problems – but I don’t even have MS Office installed However, unfortunately the touch screen isn’t working yet for me. Right now I’m just happy that I can type this post on my Kohjinsha using Ubuntu 7. Of course the form factor is different, but one gets used to this little keyboard rather quickly. Kohjinsha SH8 Specifications, images and news.


Afterwards I read a few negative comments where users weren’t kohjisha with the keyboard of the SA series. The picture below shows the keyboard of the Japanese version: Microsoft provides some information regarding this error, check here – haven’t had time yet to go through their solutions though.

Also, loading Vista takes longer than usual and I have a blank screen for a minute before the login screen appears. Unfortunately I have too much kohjinsh do at the moment, so I can’t really play with the Kohji.