Note the routing of the paper feed motor cable. Check for loose or worn cap. The print cartridges contain single-unit customer- replaceable supply items. Repeat this procedure for the parallel cable and the encoder card. To enter the test: Be sure the envelope guides are against the envelopes.

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Look for a break in the diagonal line of the test pattern. During the test, the power light blinks rapidly.

Remove the pick roll hub, shaft and envelope bucklers. Unlatch the left side of the exit roller and remove the exit drive belt from the exit roller pulley.

Lubricate the rod and the carrier rod bearing surface. When reinstalling the carrier belt, place the carrier at the center position between the tabs on either end of the belt.

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Turn tine printer off lesmark place a piece of paper in the manual feed far enough to activate the EOF sensor. El personal professional ha d’estar-ne assabentat i prendre les mesures convenients. Turn the power off and back on to make this check again.

Remove the screws from the ends of the carrier guide rod and move the carrier to the left. Gutter Pad Removal 1. Be sure the envelope guides are against the envelopes.


To start the test, press and hold the Paper Feed button while turning the printer on. Never apply excessive force when releasing the hook. Removal Procedures The following procedures are arranged according to the name of the printer part discussed. Remove the carrier ketprinter rod by lifting the right end of the rod while spreading the right side of the carrier frame.

If you find a shorted pin, replace the motor. Diagnostic Aids Encoder Colr Test This test disables tine printer motors to let you manually move the carrier to verify the encoder is working correctly.

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Remove the screw from the encoder card and remove the card. Diagnostic Information Symptom Tables Locate the symptom in 70000 following tables and take the appropriate action. Disconnect the printhead cable from the encoder card. Also check for loose or worn motor gear. Note the routing of the cable under the retaining clip on the carrier. Install the compound idler gear and retainer clip after the printer is installed in the base assembly.


If voltage is not present, check the printhead cable for opens to the encoder card. Push the idler pulley to the right to release the tension on the belt and remove the belt.

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Be sure the small feed roll spring jetprnter [B] are In the grooves of the small feed roll arms. Gently pull the caps and wipers off their mountings.

Be sure the cable jetpdinter secured under the three retaining ciips [B] on the back of the carrier. Best headphone deals for Christmas: The wipers clean the printhead nozzles as the carrier leaves the maintenance station. Repair Information provides instructions for making printer adjustments and removing and installing FRUs. To stop the test, turn power off or unplug the printer.

All motors stop and the power light stays on. Covers Assembly 2: