Since the introduction of their first “Super-Multi” drive, LG has continued to raise the bar, developing drives with new features and faster reading and writing speeds. To get the writing times, a 4. The drive’s region can be changed five times and after that it cannot be changed anymore. The drive had no problems passing all of the on-the-fly tests and did not create any errors. In our tests, it took LG’s new drive For most people, the “Quick Set-Up Guide” will be all they’ll need to get the drive up and running. As you can see, the scratches on the disc had little effect on the drive’s speed and the number of errors remained relatively low.

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While the drive is rated at 48x, the GSAB came up a little short of this number in our tests. The score given is an average of the three. This is a very rough, but good way to test the drive’s error correcting abilities.

Storage by Rick Broida Sep 26, The drive had no problems playing back these movies with either program and was fairly quiet. Home Entertainment by Ty Pendlebury Oct 28, However, the DW did have to slow down when reading the disc back.

The media types, along with the average time it took the drive to write our 4.


Now, let us take a closer look on the drives mechanism board and chip. Galaxy S10, 5G, Folding Phones.

LG GSA-4167B

Looking at the graphs above, you can see that the media from Taiyo Yuden and Memorex yielded some pretty good results. Therefore, all reading and error hl-vt-st tests were made with the old firmware the DL10 and writing tests were made with the latest firmware installed DL11since upon flashing the drive, all writing tests were repeated.

While not nearly as fast as the drive from Sony, it hadno problems reading pressed audio CD’s at 40x.

What do you want with D10??? InfoTool had no problems detecting the GSAB’s maximum reading and writing speeds, recording modes, buffer underrun protection and 2MB buffer. DVD Recording Tests By looking gsa-41667b the picture below you can see the drive’s IDE interface, power connector and audio output connectors.

In the end, it usually comes down to price. As you can see, InCD gives you a number of formats to choose from. It starts out by going over the functions of the various buttons and connectors located on the front and back of the GSAB.

LG GSA 4167B Super-Multi – DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM drive – IDE Series

The GSAB still has its share of logos sga-4167b. Like a CD-ROM, you will get different benchmark results depending on what kind of discs you are using. Although, I’d go see your vendor once more and find out why Nero wasn’t bundled with the drive.


Exact Audio Copy can tell us a lot about a drive’s capabilities.

Problem LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA B | PC Review

You may use these tags: This gave the GSAB an average writing speed of about While not the fastest at everything, LG’s new “Super-Multi” drive performed fairly well throughout most of our tests.

While CPU, memory, OS and other variables don’t often make a huge difference, there are some nonetheless. Until now, there were very few options, unless you wanted to shell out thousands of dollars for a certified test machine. To get the writing times, a 4.

They’ve made a few changes to the bezel, including a redesigned eject button. That is why it would be illegal to pass copies of that around. The drive had no problems passing all of the on-the-fly tests and did not create any errors. Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 26, Lastly, here are some results from our DVD-R test media. Each benchmark test has been run hl-dtt-st times.