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DeleteOnSubmit newCategory ; context. On the next screen, you can adjust naming rules for entities and their members. DeleteOnSubmit newProduct ; context. Here you can also select whether to use tables from all schemas or from only the specified one, whether to include views and stored rotines to the model. Click here for a detailed explanation on driver configuration and usage.

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You may write your own partial classes and methods for it in the file DataContext1. Never struggle with Powershell again! If there no corresponding database objects in the specified connection database, error will occur when executing a query.

ReadLine As simple as that. This class maps liqpad the Company table in the database and is named after it.

DeleteOnSubmit newCategory ; context. Mindscape LightSpeed is a high performance.

LINQPad: Most Amazing Tool to do Database Queries, Learn .NET, LINQ and More | 99 Developer Tools

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Replace the old code with this: When the DeleteRule parameter is Cascadedependent objects are deleted automatically. Now that you can perform the basic data manipulation with LinqConnectlunqpad can move on to more advanced topics. Written by Cash Converters. When no mgsql is specified, the order of deletion sequence is important.


Select database objects that will be used in the model. The data you receive is automatically formed as objects ready to use by your business logic.

LINQ to MySQL Tutorial

Tx is Open Source project: Companies refers to a public property of the CrmDemoDataContext class. Click here for more information on the official driver, and here for information on the alternative drivers.

Here you can also select whether to use tables from all schemas or from only the specified one, whether to include views and stored rotines to the model. After that the Devart LinqConnect Configuration dialog box opens. You can read more about our use of cookies in our Cookies Policy.

LINQPad Support in LinqConnect

This driver does not alter your machine configuration or GAC. Replace the old code with this:. DevForce extends the Entity Framework with n-tier architecture and non-relational data sources, taking care of all the n-tier WCF communications, serialization, and marshaling. On the Connection mjsql of this dialog box you need to choose the provider for connecting to database and specify the connection settings.


LINQ to MySQL Tutorial | LinqConnect

Click OK to continue browsing the Devart site. Entity Developer creates classes for all selected tables that represent entities.

What earlier was adding rows to tables, now is just adding new objects to context collections. As simple as that.

To retrieve data, you have to first create an instance of the context, then prepare a query with LinqConnectand then access the object returned by the query, which may be a collection of objects or a single object. SubmitChanges Deletion of objects is affected by attributes in the model. The only thing to remember is that you have to invoke the SubmitChanges method to send the data to the database.

Note that the LINQ query code just describes the query.