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If you are to use the devinput driver, read on. First, you should read. If this becomes a problem, you should address the device using it’s name or it’s physical bus address. Now you have to learn all buttons. Per a decision made by the Ubuntu Kernel Team, bugs will longer be assigned to the ubuntu-kernel-team in Launchpad as part of the bug triage process. Unfortunately, the driver list does not provide information on the device which should be used for a particular driver.

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However, lircd-uinput forwards all events unless blocked by the –disabled option. See full activity log. Deg/input of the remote configuration files on sourceforge are seriously out of date. The standard way to do this is to drop a irexec. On the other hand, this is flexible and since irexec runs as root it can in the end do anything.

Changed in lirc Dev/inlut Check that all buttons generate output when testing. In any case, the repeat events generated by the kernel can be tweaked using the –repeat option. Can you please test with Jaunty? Dev/inut the module exists but isn’t loaded you might need to load it manually using modprobe 1.


If you are experiencing problems, your remotedriver may have been moved to the kernel. We still need to tell xbmc to use the remote inputs, the best way to do that is to copy the default, and modify as needed:.

lirc-make-devinput(1) — lirc — Debian stretch — Debian Manpages

It’s also a problem when using the uinput option, or when converting to use the build-in decoding. It’s focused on the basic usage scenario to get the remote up and running, the more advanced features are not covered.

In the following dev/iput assumed that this user is called lirc and it’s group also is named lirc. This will create a new service called lircd-lirc1. In general, finding out what module to blacklist is not always easy.

HOW-TO:Set up an MCE remote control in Linux – Official Kodi Wiki

Privacy policy About linux-sunxi. After installation you should be able to start the the lircd daemon using something like:.

The default port is The release events could be created lic lircd 8 using the –release option. Traditionally lircd has been run as user root.

This should work out of the box dev/inpht the following limitations:. After selecting the driver and device you should check if there is any driver documentation.

Default driver.

MCE remotes that send keystrokes Windows remotes also known as RC6 or eHome remotes Most remotes work out of the box through the kernel input event subsystem. In manual sort mode the remotes are used in the order they appear in the config file.


Choose the correct values corresponding to your receiver and eventually transmitter. Note that the lircd-uinput repeat-event handling differs from lircd 8 which implements emulates hardware autorepeat in the events sent to uinput event. Using this, you can bind remote buttons to any command you can run.

This needs to be resolved using the setserial 1 tool.


Such conflicts shows up as dmesg output about not being able to open the involved device, plus various other symptoms.

This is described in appendix 2. In some cases any file can be used if it conforms to some limitation. List all non-standard symbols in lircd.

The lirc distribution contains an example rule which makes the lircd-uinput device writable for users in the group lirc. On Linux it is often easier to use the Dev/onput package.